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Can't trust anything in the store

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  • Can't trust anything in the store


    Just got home with some full-fat cottage cheese (I don't generally eat cheese but was craving some cottage cheese), and it's FULL of crap including modified corn starch.

    Should I ditch it?

    It's terribly frustrating to not be able to trust anything in the store. I've trained myself to be careful, but things like this still happen occasionally.


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    I wouldn't, but then my budget is pretty tight and I'd hate to throw away so much protein. What I would do is be more careful about how much of it I eat in a day. (I'm assuming you aren't allergic/sensitive to corn, because in that case I'd think the question wouldn't need to be asked.)
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      I agree with inquisitiveone.

      That kind of thing happens to me from time to time, and I always promise to never let it happen again. So, promise yourself to read labels and not let this happen again, and then be better about keeping that promise than I am.
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        I'd also eat it. A small amount of corn starch isn't too terrible. If it had wheat, I would consider chucking it.

        I agree that it's lame that there is so much unnecessary crap in foods. Oh well. At least we don't have to worry about that with fresh produce and fresh meat.


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          I wanted to buy some cottage cheese today at the store too...until I saw the listing of ingredients. It is a shame that so much crap is put into just about everything. Personally I would eat what you've got but look for a 'better' brand next time... Wonder how much trouble it would be to make home made... lol


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            what? what is this??

            what do you want to trust at the store? get some acreage, work a little first to save up, then plant some tomatoes and foster bovines. milk the heck out of this granny smith; this is really the goal.


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              I would keep it, just don't eat it in large amounts.
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                Unfortunately, everything that has a label, you've got to read the whole thing any more. At least the information is available! Better luck next time.


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                  About the only brand of cottage cheese I ever see that doesn't have additives is Daisy (not easy to find) or maybe organic (ditto, plus expensive, and for some reason the kind I can get tastes kind of funky to me, though probably it's how cottage cheese is supposed to taste). I prefer without additives but I really like cottage cheese and don't sweat it too much.


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                    If I had the time, I'd return it. Look for another brand that doesn't have starch in it. If not, I'd probably eat it. Unless, as others said, you know that corn gives you problems.


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                      I have a problem with a couple of preservatives, so looking at labels is second nature to me. Pain will do that to you

                      You'll get used to giving labels a quick once-over after a while.


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                        Originally posted by dado View Post
                        what? what is this??

                        what do you want to trust at the store? get some acreage, work a little first to save up, then plant some tomatoes and foster bovines. milk the heck out of this granny smith; this is really the goal.
                        Seriously? This is your answer... like anyone can just go out and get some acreage and start their own farm?

                        Okay, so in the meantime... while you are saving up... you do have to check every label. The only cottage cheese I have ever found that is okay is Nancy's lowfat. Yes, it's lowfat, but even 4% has skim milk in it. It's just 4% instead of 2%.


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                          I'd eat it. But next time buy the Daisy if it's there. No junk. I've even seen junk in some organic brands (dried milk powder, carrageenan, locust bean gum, cornstarch, and so on).


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                            I go by Mark's phrase "don't let perfect be the enemy of good". I'd eat the cottage cheese. I'd even buy it again if I liked it.
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                              Go ahead and eat it. Minor setback. Nothing serious.

                              I'm in the habit of reading every single food label now. I have been for the past 4 years and it's second nature. Anything in any sort of package, the label gets read because you never know where they'll try to sneak crap in.