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pro biotics and weight gain .... not happy !!!

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  • pro biotics and weight gain .... not happy !!!

    So for the first time in a couple of months i thought id get on the scale to see how much ive dropped, after all i feel really healthy my tummy is so much flatter ( not flat yet but flatter ) ibs is under control and i was feelng in a good place.

    Now i know that its only a number and we should really throw the scale out ( which i am going to do , im giving it to my mum tomorrow) BUT IVE GAINED 7 POUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive been on 4 very strong pro biotics a day and a herbal tincture to help detox my liver and adrenal glands etc for 6 weeks now and that is all i can put it down too.

    The only cheat i have is a bit of dark choc every now and again

    Everyone looks at me and sais Wow you look really slim and healthy , to which i say thanks and say thanks but im really depressed and anoyed now as im back up to the weight i was when i started, so in theroy ive lost nothing infact gained a pound !

    Im now 9st 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so fed up. im 5 ft 3 and want to get to 8 st 7 , my size 8 trousers are too tight to wear now so its 10s all the way. and before anyone sais thats great being a size 10 , yes it is but not when you have been working so hard to get to a size 8 and too see the numbers on the scale go down. NOT UP ( uk clothes sizes )

    Any advice anyone Please ???

    Just thinking i have been eating berrues lately but that should warrent all that gain surely ?

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    It could be that you are digesting and absorbing better after that programme so you may have gained some weight. Don't worry about it. Just eat primal and watch calories (if you need to) and fat loss will happen.


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      Let me get this straight, You "feel really healthy my tummy is so much flatter ( not flat yet but flatter ) ibs is under control and i was feelng in a good place." And you are letting some numbers - THAT MEAN NOTHING - on a scale change your being in a good place?????? Please give yourself a hug, as it is impossible to do over the internet. I hope you can focus on the great thing that has happened - your IBS is under control, your tummy is flatter and you are in a good place. This is a wonderful thing.

      5 lbs of muscle takes up a lot less space than 5 lbs of fat. This is why taking body measurements (waist, hips, etc.) is important. Muscle also helps you burn more fat.

      Please reread Griffs post


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        thankyou for such a lovely message , that put a big smile on my face ....


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          Ignore the scale. It's just gravity. What matters is how you feel, how you look, and what you can do.


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            don't play the scale game, play your A-game.

            if you're dropping the buckets, feeling the smooth good things, then i would not worry about this 7 pound number.


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              Take a look at the scales lies in photographic proof. Now LOOK at yourself, how do you feel and what do you see!

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                I would avoid the fruit if I was trying to lose weight. It sounds like your doing great though.


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                  You realize there is a very good chance you've gained weight because your organs and bones were malnourished and now they aren't, right? How can that be a bad thing.

                  Don't give the scale to someone else, destroy it. It's a force of evil.
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                    Also, think about this: Who at any point knows how much you weigh? Perhaps your doctor if you frequent one, who else? ONLY YOU. Why then do you care so much? if you're experiencing all these other great benefits, IBS gone, flatter stomach (indicating you've lost inches, note!), etc... so why do you let a number which nobody in the world (except you and us now) knows or cares about?

                    Really, nobody cares, nobody at all except for you. We don't care, we care about the other stuff you posted.

                    By all intents and purposes this should be a celebratory thread, not one in which you complain about that which does not matter.
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