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    Not for me--I'm not trying to put on mass, but my partner is, and since I'm the one who does the majority of cooking and food prep around our place, I need some ideas on how to support his goals. Any resources or suggestions would be welcome.

    Some details:

    He is in his late 30s, 6'3" and 240 pounds, I would guess in the sub-10% body fat range (so quite lean and muscular already). His goal is to reach a lean 265-270 pounds. Yes, that's big--it involves packing on 25-30 pounds, mainly of muscle mass. Whether this is a 100% primal goal isn't up for discussion. He wants to do this, and I want to support his goals.

    He has the weightlifting side of it handled, so I'm not looking for workout tips.

    He is not likely to want to do IF. He has a moving and delivery company, and his job demands that he consume a lot of calories in a day as it is. Fasting when you spend most of your day lifting heavy things is not something he wants to try. He has a hard time eating massive quantities of food at a sitting, so multiple meals are going to be required to meet his needs.

    Being on the road all day also makes daytime meals more complicated. Sometimes he will be able to access a microwave to heat up some food, but other days, that won't be possible. He has a cooler to put in his truck, so food storage isn't an issue, but I need options that will taste good cold.

    Also, hardboiled eggs are not a great idea because they producing, and that's not good when you are going into customers' houses all day. I know hardboiled eggs are good portable protein, but he's ruled that out.

    So, thoughts?
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