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Starting today, don't know what I'm doing!

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  • Starting today, don't know what I'm doing!

    So I had 3 eggs and some left over ceasar salad without crutons and some blackberries. I'm 5'3" female, 124 lbs and need to loose belly fat. Did I eat too much? I plan on a BAS for lunch, nuts later in the day when I start to crash (and I will) and then meat and veggies for dinner. Sound OK?

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    I would say for the first couple weeks do not worry about amounts and fine tuning, just get through the changes in food and focus on being successful. If you don't lose weight where you want to then you can worry about that later.....first get through the possible low carb flu and the habit changes.
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      Yep, get through the first couple of weeks of cravings, some weird digestive stuff, not knowing what to cook anymore, not being able to eat out, etc. - don't worry about the scale or how many calories you are getting at first. I'd spend that time studying cooking unless you are already a good cook. Mark's cookbooks are a great place to start!
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        For your first day you're doing fine. I'd start by recommending you relax a bit about all of this - it's a lifestyle change so give it time. I agree with everyone else, that your first month should really focus on the adjustment. Your body is going to be adjusting to a different fuel source, and it will affect your digestion, sleep, period, and on and on.

        You will also need to start re-thinking how you eat and planning for your meals. You can't pick up something fast at a local chain anymore and you'll need to have things ready for a quick meal (leftovers are critical). I've also found that I need to relearn what full feels like (no more of that sleepy stuffed post-dinner feeling of eating bread) and I also need to relearn what hunger feels like. What you've been eating up until now will affect your transition - for some it's easier than others. It's personal - give yourself time.

        If you are really focused on getting rid of the belly fat, I'd suggest staying fairly strict with your diet for one month - specifically what not to eat rather than volume (no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no alcohol). That is a lot to ask for in your first month - don't beat yourself up if you slip once a week. In fact, I would recommend you plan on it. Get strict if needed on month two or three.

        There is a lot of talk on this site about the need for women to not eat as much as the men to stay trim (and the women are, I'm sure, all shocked by this information). I look at the volume some of the guys here's eat and there is no way I could finish what they consume. I get plenty of food every day - far more than I used to eat. Everyone's needs are different in terms of volume - there is simply no formula for the volume of food you need - not based on your sex, height and weight. You are going to have to figure out what works for you. But, I'll give you a starting point - what is working for me.

        In terms of protein, I've found that about 3-4 oz per meal works - more than that and I feel heavy for hours and hours after, less and I feel hungry. (fyi: eggs are approx 2 ounces each). I eat a lot more veggies than your list implies, tending towards about 60% of my intake in cooked and raw veggies.
        This works for me - it feel full, have plenty of energy and mental focus and am losing weight. You may need more or less than I do. You might want to consider that as a starting point and adjust more or less to your own body's energy needs.

        Read this for Mark's outline of food volume to weight. Again, this is a starting point, not a fixed point.
        Do exercise and play - activity is key to a primal lifestyle.
        Give it a month - let your body transition and see if you still have belly fat. Adjust your diet again.
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