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Headaches after primal meals - help? Thoughts?

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  • Headaches after primal meals - help? Thoughts?

    I just joined and I'm struggling with a bit of an issue -

    I have not gone completely primal diet-wise as I tend to get too black and white on things and fail to stick it out. So, with the goal of one primal meal per day beginning a few days ago, here's where I'm at:

    Yesterday, I was fasting from waking until lunch. For lunch I had chicken vegetable soup and a salad with olive oil and apple cider viengar. Immediately after lunch, I got a headache. Just like a caffeine headache.

    Lunch today was cioppino and a salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing. I felt pretty good after lunch. I came home, had a couple tablespoons of Justin's Hazelnut Chocolate nut butter (not primal, I know) and had a nap (side effect of working varying retail shifts). After my nap, I was hungry for an hour or so. Then I had dinner of turkey burger patty and salad with balsamic vinegar and Vega's antioxidant EFA oil blend. Now I've got a headache that's been going strong for the past couple hours since dinner.

    What is causing my headache? Am I missing something in my diet? Is it because of slowly transitioning to primal eating? If so, will this go away? Anyone else experience this?

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    this is likely a form of "carb flu" which many people experience as they transition from higher carb diets. The carbs in your other meals just make it worse. If you weren't fasting before, I would HIGHLY recommend not trying to fast until you've been fully primal for a while.


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      Headaches after eating may be caused by some simple food allergies or may be caused by something as severe as diabetes. I think headache is a normal symptom as one transitions to this diet, for 2-3 weeks. If diabetes is the cause of your headache, dietary changes and medications can cure the problem very quickly.