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Lactose and casein in butter and yogurt

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  • Lactose and casein in butter and yogurt

    So far, I don't consume any dairy products, with the exception of butter and greek yogurt (full fat unsweetened Fage). I assumed there is no lactose or casein in either, but I was unable to look up info to be sure, so I was hoping for some $.02 on the subject. Is any present, and if so, is it in any significant amount?
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    Yes, there is both lactose and casein in butter and yogurt. Clarified butter, or ghee, has had both cooked out, however.


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      The amount of caesin in butter is minimal enough that it's probably not a problem, but yes you can clarify butter to remove it completely. Yogurt has milk's full complement of caesin, but bacterial action partially hydrolyzes the protein so that it's easier on the digestive system. The situation is similar with the lactose as well: absent in butter, digested by the bacteria in yogurt into lactic acid (the sour taste).


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        Great news! Gonna clarify some butter tomorrow.....
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