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Sugar withdrawal headache. Ideas????

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  • Sugar withdrawal headache. Ideas????

    It has been a "whole" 28 hours since added sugar (big whoop I guess, but I must start somewhere) and I have a headache. Any suggestions for what to do to make it go away??? How long will it last? My caffeine headache lasted almost a week and I persevered. I can do this too! Right?

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    Water in quantity, magnesium and calcium. If in enough pain, plain aspirin works well. The fact the body has such a dramatic reaction to being denied sugar and caffeine says a lot about their powerful affect on the body.
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      Take a tylenol or an aspirin. It gets better from here
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        Don't take more than 1200 mg of magnesium, more can cause loose stools.
        I just started today, so you have a headstart on me! You can do this!
        And I personally like ibuprofen better than tylenol. Tylenol (albeit in excess) can be hard on your liver.


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          This is one of those things you will have to tough out until it goes away. DON'T EAT CARBS RIGHT NOW. That will just prolong the problem.

          Use conventional headache remedies, drink lots of water, and be kind to yourself (rest when you need to, sleep as much as you need to). It will go away.
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            If you are wishing to avoid OTC drugs, peppermint and lavender oils help ease headaches. Any good health food store carries essential oils and these two are inexpensive.
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