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Newbie: Am I eating enough + does it look Primally balanced?

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  • Newbie: Am I eating enough + does it look Primally balanced?

    Hi everyone! I am nearing the end of my second week eating Primally. I started off using MDA, Everyday Paleo and Robb Wolf's websites and I am now waiting for the PB book from Amazon (and others!). Sometimes I have been absolutely ravenous and tired, although remarkably happy lately and my skin looks like someone elses... it's not grey anymore! Anyway, coming from a low fat, high fibre diet, I have been 100% primal from Day 1 (I guess it's still early days for slip ups though). So to troubleshoot the hunger, I was wondering if some more experienced PBers would cast an eye over my daily food intake?

    Today’s breakfast: 2 x slice back bacon, 2 x eggs + 1 large field mushroom fried in bacon-y pan with coconut oil, and a handful of fresh raspberries
    AM snack: Large stick of celery smeared with about a tbsp of almond butter
    Lunch will be left over thai green curry from last night
    PM snacks if I want them will be choice of hard boiled egg or unpasteurized french brie + a cup of homemade chicken bone broth when I get home.
    Tonight I am going out to a seafood restaurant for dinner to celebrate exam results; looked at the menu online and I might have crab soup and a fishy salad or maybe oysters + steak + salad. Whatever is most primal or customizable.

    Yesterday I was in a big rush so I just had 1 slice of back bacon, 1 egg fried with coconut oil + 1 small glass local raw milk
    AM snack: handful plain pecans
    Lunch was at a pub due to AM event: smoked duck, apple and walnut salad (with salad leaves obv.) and balsamic vinegar (I don’t normally eat out twice a week, usually twice a month if I’m lucky!)
    PM snack was about 120g cold cooked prawns with glug of walnut oil, handful of fresh raspberries and a whole small carrot
    Dinner: Thai green curry cooked in coconut oil and made with green curry paste, coconut milk, chicken thighs, prawns, butternut squash and green peppers

    I can’t remember what I had on Wednesday except that I had salmon and veg in the evening! I think it was eggs for breakfast then random leftovers. So, Tuesday:
    Breakfast: ˝ avocado, 2 eggs scrambled with red pepper and spring onions in coconut oil
    AM snack: sliced apple with almond butter
    Midday: 100g turkey breast
    PM light meal: 1 smoked mackerel fillet + salad leaves and cherries
    In car on way to eve appt: 2 squares of 70% dark choc
    Dinner: leftover roast chicken meat + a rasher of back bacon mixed with a dollop of ‘paleo mayo’ (homemade) served between two roasted large field mushrooms, with a spinach tomato and yellow pepper salad dressed with EVOO and balsamic vinegar

    For US readers, I think you know back bacon as Canadian bacon…? Basically it’s a bigger rasher which is mostly meat with only a thin strip of fat along the edge instead of through it (cos it’s not from the belly, it’s from the back!).
    I drink as much water and green tea as I want and I have a small glass of red wine maybe 1-3 times a week at the most (total lightweight). I might have a glass of coconut water or local (less than 3 miles away!) raw milk after a workout or in the morning.
    My goals are for health and to become more toned and sculpted rather than weightloss per se. I have stubborn cellulite that makes me miserable, yet I only weigh about 60KG and at 5'6" I have a BMI of 21, so I'm hoping my goals won't be too far out of reach. This week I have swapped from jogging and once-a-week-bootcamp-hell to PB style fitness (doing what I can! handstand press ups = FAIL! Ouch my HEAD!).

    I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the above if you have time - as a newbie I'd be grateful for all the advice I can get! Thanks in advance

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    If you are hungry, is there a reason you wouldn't eat?
    ETA: What I mean is, I don't understand why you are concerned about being hungry.
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      Because looking at the list of food I have been eating each day, I feel like / assumed that it should have been enough. I am still learning.


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        I think the general idea is, if you are hungry, eat.

        If you are getting fat, then I would suggest reviewing the food more carefully by tracking it in a food tracker like and adjusting things until the fattage is reversed. Bu t if no fattage, no worries just eat.
        “In God we trust; all others must bring data.” W. Edwards Deming
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          It going to be different for everyone, I don't think I could eat your day's list in a single day.

          Eat when you're hungry, although if you don't feel like it, don't do it. +2 on the food tracker, sparkpeople was suggested, I happen to like the reporting features of fitday. YMMV.

          Track what you eat for a couple weeks, and the physical impact it has on you, then you can determine if you're going the right way.
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            Are you trying to lose weight? if so you might want to incorporate some of the Leptin Resistance recommendations:
            1. high protein breakfast, Dr. Jack Kruse recommends 50 gr. protein which is approx 7 oz. meat, chicken or fish or 7 eggs , he also wants you to eat within 30 minutes of waking (other leptin gurus do not specify this)
            2. no snacking between meals, and at least 5 hours between them, 11-12 hours between dinner and breakfast
            3. paleo type diet

            If you go with the high protein breakfast you will not be hungry between meals


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              I think, for a newbie, that you're doing great!

              Save the tweaks until you've been doing this for a couple more weeks.
              Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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