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In response to the numerous "binging" posts

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  • In response to the numerous "binging" posts

    This is just a general message because I have come across these threads and they all have some common denominators.

    If you are new to primal, or struggling with it in any way there are several things you can do.

    First, avoid triggers. Stay away from foods that you would "snack" on. That means nuts, cheese, cream, fruits.

    Whenever you feel like eating, ask yourself if you would eat a big huge ribeye steak with no butter, no toppings, just the steak.

    When eating, eat the FAT FIRST, then the lean.

    Again, stop eating nuts. Seriously. This is the most common thing. You are not alone and it is not YOU if nuts are triggering your binges. Nuts have that crunch and that hint of sweet/saltiness that gets people addicted. They will take hours to actually fill you up.

    Respond to hunger with meat and fat only. Veggies are fine, but limit fruit for the time being.

    Your binging is caused by trigger foods, your body adapting to low carbs, or even hormones.

    Look into 5-HTTP supplements if you are an emotional binger.

    Again, repeat. NO NUTS. Stay away from cheese for a bit too.

    Do not keep these foods around, do not go near these foods.

    Drop all sweeteners of any kind. The urge for sweet is another thing that causes binging.

    The more meat and fat you eat, the less you will want to binge.

    If you feel like binging, grab onto some meat and fat. Make scrambled eggs in butter, grill up a fatty steak, Eat some bacon, although watch it because the flavor might trigger some of you.

    You will get very full of these foods if you are not actually hungry and you will not want to eat anymore.

    Or, listen to music or something else that makes you happy. Go for a walk. Relax your mind.

    Check to see if you might be deficient in any nutrient.

    And finally, drop the freaking nuts and the other trigger foods. They may be "Primal" and healthy, but they are not healthy for YOU if they cause YOU to binge.

    Just some thoughts. I don't want to sound condescending because I myself do not suffer from this issue, but these posts draw some serious concerns.

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    Very good post. To anyone suffering with these problems, serotonin is huge.

    This isn't your fault or anyone elses. It is a BIOLOGICAL problem and it is serious. Look into 5-HTP as state above, and definitely consult a professional. I would say a naturopath or specialist over a doctor.

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      I have a serious problem with addiction. I take it one step at a time though and I am doing well. Right now I am tackling food and trying to tackle my addiction to the internet. Since the internet is basically my last addiction I have (and I am in the middle of fighting my food addiction) it seems like it is going to be the hardest. I just need to get addicted to working out and eating healthy, and then I can be productive with my addictions and OCD nature. Maybe I will look into 5HTP. My friends used to take it in the morning when they were coming down from ecstasy so they wouldn't have a depressive crash. Apparently it worked. I am going to see if I can beat these addictions the natural way though.


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        I overcame my binging on nuts by obscenely overdosing on almonds. I have no idea how much phytic acid I had that time, but it was surely enough to make me feel terrible for a couple of days.

        It's kind of getting extremely drunk with a given drink and then not wanting to have it never again in your life. A bit of an extremist "cure", but it could work for some.

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          Luckily I am not addicted to nuts at all. I get raw almonds, and although they taste alright I never think about grabbing a second handful.


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            See a thread that was going last week about binge eating and 5HTP (among other effective remedies).

            I am a recovering binge eater and am also just a hair OCD myself. 5HTP (as well as amino acids) will go far to nip both in the bud.

            Please don't try to white-knuckle control your way through this; you won't win. To put it bluntly, something is wrong with our brain chemistry. As ASnutrition said, it is biological. It's all about the serotonin, baby. Why do you think the pharmalogical treatment of choice for Binge Eating Disorder is an SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor)?


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              I honestly don't understand a lot of the "binge" threads where people claim to pig out on grain based foods, chocolate, etc.

              Really? Do people seriously stuff themselves on bread/grains, chocolate and such to the point of "sickenss"?


              That's speaking as someone with a history of chronic stress and depression, who was basically an alocholic for almost a year.


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                Shoot, I had a small slice of chocolate cake for my dad's birthday. I felt like I'd binged after three bites and couldn't take a fourth. Maybe I've just been Primal too long to enjoy those things anymore- lol.

                Now binging on meat... that I could totally do.


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                  Really? Do people seriously stuff themselves on bread/grains, chocolate and such to the point of "sickenss"?

                  Why wouldn't you believe this? As an alcoholic, you should get this I'm thinking.


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                    I'm not an alcoholic. I said I basically WAS for almost year.

                    Now I only drink very occasionally.

                    And no. I don't get it.


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                      What I don't get is why people think they need to be posted here as if their binging as anything to do with Primal eating or is a problem with the Primal Blueprint.

                      Perhaps a food triggers you that is "primal", so sure that has something relevant... but this not an eating disorder forum.

                      I hate to be this harsh but this sorts of posts have taken over this forum. Day after day there is a new post about something going off plan and all this junk. Do you really feel it's necessary to start a whole post about it?

                      This forum is resource and a place for discussion of the Primal Lifestyle, not a confession booth. If you truly have a binge problem then seek help in the proper area for that.


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                        Have to admit I don't 'get' it either personally..but, feel for the people who are experiencing the feeling of being out of control.

                        No desire for sweets at work..rather the opposite when I see them, zero temptation...seeing people sucking on containers of soda..ick! No desire there. It's strange, maybe - I can be hungry, very much so, but even in that state I am no tempted whatsoever with that junk.

                        But, I eat dark, very dark, chocolate - maybe a square or two a couple of times a week.

                        At Halloween there was tons of chocolate, candy, etc. - didn't eat one, didn't want to!


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                          Billman: I think people may be wondering if it's 'normal' & thus they post...or they feel indeed that they have nowhere else to go....?


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                            One more note - be weary of rationalizing... Humans are able to rationalize... Don't do it! Be an animal, and stick to the plan.

                            Nice original post, thanks.

                            Another thing that helps me - saying "no" is a ton more effective than saying "i'll just have a few"



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                              First of all, what's it to you? No one is forcing you to click on any threads here. If you're not interested in a certain topic or it doesn't pertain to you, simply pass it over.

                              Secondly, the PB *helps* quell the binge eating, so it most definitely is pertinent.

                              It's weird that people whose lives have been ruined by this reaching out to members of their own tribe would bug you so much.

                              You really have no idea what you are talking about. You think you are trying to be helpful, but you're doing far more harm than good.

                              And why start a thread about how much you hate the threads? All you've succeeded in doing is keeping a brand new thread about it at the top of the pile.