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Eating out while doing Whole30

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  • Eating out while doing Whole30

    We started Whole30 (no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no alcohol, nothing but veggies, fruits, and meats) and we FINALLY have a babysitter for this weekend. Its been two months since hubby and I have had any time just the two of us (unless you count the half-passed out phase that occurs once kiddo is finally tucked away at night, and I don't) we're planning on seeing a movie and doing some shopping.

    We are kinda hoping to go out to eat but we're stuck on where a 'safe' place would be. Seems like every place either marinates the meats in a sugar/oil sauce or does...something...not acceptable. Any suggestions? Might just pack a picnic or wait till we get back home but maybe there's something you guys know about I haven't considered and I'd love not to cook/clean for a night.
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    This is what 80/20 is for, right?


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      Just go for the Steak / Mixed Grill / Fish and salad or veg option.

      I wouldn't worry about anything that you can't really see as it won't be there in big enough amounts to make a major difference once in a blue moon - just have fun and enjoy yourselves.
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        We go to Outback and get the Special sirloin with sweet potato and either asparagus, green beans, or broccoli. In fact, we went last night.


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          And the sweet potato has no sugary glaze on it?
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            Originally posted by nolineon View Post
            This is what 80/20 is for, right?
            The Whole30 is not about 80/20
            It's 30 days of 100% adherance to the plan.

            As Solldara said, usually you can get a non-marinated steak and get a salad with olive oil or balsamic vinegar as the dressing.


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              I miss 80/20 but Whole30 was the only way to get the hubs to go without dairy and booze for a set time. We tried 80/20 but it lasted 3 days before he started eating pounds of cheese and arguing it was his 20. Normally I don't care what he eats but he's really wanting to lose weight and when you eat half a pound of cheese a day...well, he couldn't figure out why the pounds weren't coming off so I gently suggested Whole30...then said I was going on it and if wanted to join fine, but he had to stick with it 30 days. We're on Day 6 and doing great, I don't want to mess it up, but at the same time I'd like a night out.

              What I've found is:

              KFC grilled chicken is seasoned with salt and wheat/soy powder
              Outback (if you ask) will cook food in pans that have not used dairy products. However, they don't say what they marinate their steaks in
              Chilis has a list of allergy items that we could use to special order. The list is a pain to read though
              Red Lobster-everything is covered in butter
              Carl's Jr low carb burger with no sauces or cheeses fits perfectly (and they have a list of ingrediants)

              I didn't bother looking at pasta, ethnic, or pub-food type restaurants. And if your wondering why I even bothered looking at fast food places, its cause they tend to have ingredient and nutritional lists. Makes it easier to check out.
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                Not sure what your budget looks like, but most decent steakhouses don't use a ton of marinades or seasonings on their steaks. A nice rib-eye and some mixed vegetables would work, no?


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                  I would think so but (can't remember where I read/heard this) I'd heard that even the dry rubs they use have sugar in them. Or they use soy oil to cook with. I could just be getting a little too crazy-detailed though.
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