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How to have a lamb butchered primally?

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  • How to have a lamb butchered primally?

    Ok, I got a line on a whole, grass-fed lamb going to butcher next week. I have been steeping myself in the different ways it can be cut.

    What I don't know, is how to ask for little things like, what cuts have good tasty fat that are good to make sure don't get trimmed? Do I just ask in general that fat is not trimmed, or do I have to be specific so I don't get fats people normally wouldn't want (too tough or not actually palatable?) I just don't know enough about lamb either way.

    Before anyone brings it up, no I am not keeping the offal, which is a waste because I am paying the whole hanging weight (unless offal isn't normally included in hanging weight). I just don't have pets or people that would make use of it.

    Anyway advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    If your butcher is any good, just keep it simple. I tell my butcher not to trim the fat, and he knows to save every possible usable part (because I will eat damn near anything.) If you want specific parts saved, be sure to ask- such as bones for broth, or fat for rendering.


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      If you want to be really primal, keep the thing in your back yard and hack pieces of it off with a sharp stone. ;-P
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        Originally posted by Unshod Sarah View Post
        If you want to be really primal, keep the thing in your back yard and hack pieces of it off with a sharp stone. ;-P
        Unfortunately, things like HOA governing documents and city zoning codes get in the way of that. That and, not nearly enough space (small lot). Oh well...


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          HPK fat (Heart/Pancreas/Kidneys) is the realllllly good stuff that you make your cooking fats out of. That's the type of fat you're after. Not sure if it's too "offal" for you, but lamb tongue is quite the delicacy. Ask to receive ALL bones (save the head if you're squeamish) , this will provide you with plenty of stock!
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            Can you talk with the butcher? They are a professional, so like any other profession whould be willing to answer a few questions / clarify a few things. There are often local variations in cuts and "normal" butchering anyway. Maybe go with the approach of "this is how I eat" e.g. I say I'm only feeding 1-2 people so I like smaller joints; or I'd like more chops/smaller portions made out of that section. The heart is tasty, by the way, not too offally

            Are you tanning the shedepskin?


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              I thought about keeping the lambskin. What does one need to do with it?