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This is not bacon - how do you call this?

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  • This is not bacon - how do you call this?

    Bacon is made out of pork belly, but over here we usually are more fond of grilled pork belly, I'm not sure what to call this.

    In my country we call this "entremeada grelhada" (forget the sausages), which is probably something along the lines of pork belly grilled? I can't find an accurate source of food data to track calories and nutrients on this one. Any help?

    Here's another pic of it raw:

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    Maybe do a search for chicharrones? Those are cooked a bit more than the ones in your picture, but it's the same general idea.


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      I pulled this up just googling 'pork belly nutritional data'. Calories in Pork Belly and Nutrition Facts


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        This looks like bacon to me! And, it doesn't look like chicharrones at all! Why do you not think it's bacon? Seems by the composition of meat to fat showing in the image, that using bacon as the nutritional info would be about as close as you could get. Just my 2 cents, but I am newly primal so I am no expert.


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          It's thick sliced bacon. Not like you get in the packages that say Thick Sliced, which are only about half that girth, but like the kind you get your butcher to slice for you. Just go in and tell him you want X lbs of 1/4" sliced pork belly. WFM can do it if you have one near you and it has a full-service meat case. Though you might want to call ahead and make sure they have whole bellies on hand.


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            Isn't bacon something that you need to dry or add salt to it or something?

            This meat we call "entremeada" is from the pork's belly annd is usually grilled in large stacks. Bacon, I believe, is small slices of the same pork belly but in which you add salt and let it dry (cured?)? I'm still not sure but that's what I'm thinking.

            EDIT: I just checked the wikipedia page:

            In continental Europe, this part of the pig is usually not smoked like bacon is in the United States
            So the bacon you guys are referring to, in your culture, is dry, cured or smoked, the ones we eat here are not the small slices you eat over there, we chop thick slices (thick for you, regular for us) of the pork's belly, we grab it and grill it or fry it right away.

            Maybe this is the difference between both?
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              Plenty of bacon here is the US is just that cut of meat sliced thinner. It can be found cured or smoked, but is also available in normal form.
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                If it's not cured or salted or otherwise baconized I guess it's just thick sliced fresh pork belly.


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                  I get uncured bacon all the time in the US. Granted it's thinner than yours, but all you have to do is add the weight imost trackers for uncured and you will be as close as you can get on a tracker..
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                    Here uncured bacon is also called "side pork" but it's getting more and more rare to find it under that name.


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                      In the UK its Belly Pork Slices - which are unsmoked with the skin on and about 1-1.5cm thick.

                      They are great roasted and I cook them every week as they are my husbands favorite.
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                        It is also referred to as "fresh side." It is the same cut as bacon just not cured like bacon.


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                          Interestingly enough today I feel fine, I don't know if it was for eating the grilled pork belly, my madre labs products or iodine from kelp.


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                            Depends on the colour-balance of the photographic image I guess, but the meat looks quite pink, so I'd guess it's been cured with salt (or salts of some sort). If so then, it's bacon (specifically it would be sold here as streaky bacon—as opposed to back bacon). If it's fresh meat, it's just pork belly. But either must be much the same to a tracker (unless it's measuring sodium levels as well, perhaps). The tracker is primarily using your identification of the meat to make a guess about how much fat and how much lean there is in the meat and that's going to be much the same whether it's cured or not. And that is only approximate anyway, since it will also depend on the breed of the pig, it's age, and what it's been fed on.


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                              that my friend is pork belly, and I envy you for it. Use the numbers for pork belly. Bacon requires a curing step, either salt, or salt + nitrites.

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