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Salad Shooters - and not the kitchen accessory

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  • Salad Shooters - and not the kitchen accessory

    ok my wife calls it salad shooters which pretty much describes it but im wondering if anyone else has problems digesting salad? usually after eating a lot of salad a day or so later i have some serious bathroom diarrhea action going on with definite undigested lettuce. i dont really know if its all vegetables or just salad as i dont eat that much veggies.

    i know its gross but it makes me wonder if we are supposed to be eating something if our body cant digest it (i mean seriously, think about corn!)
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    Try this salad -
    Sliced skirt steak, shredded pork, diced chicken, steamed and shelled shrimp and chives. I call it the Salad of Awesome. And the chives are totally optional.

    That said, a lot of people have a hard time digesting raw vegetables. Most of it is actually *digested* by bacteria in your guy (you weren't really built to digest the stuff) and as they digest it they poop toxins into your system that build up as gasses and eventually explode outward - along with all the insoluble fiber in your system that even the friendly bacteria can't help you knock off.

    So yeah, not an uncommon problem, particularly if you don't fortify your system with it regularly.

    Eat steak, peanuts, corn, peas, and black beans for dinner.

    See which items you can still identify when it comes out the other end. These are the ones your body couldn't digest.


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      I had this problem come the beginning of spring/summer, I ate very few raw veggies over the winter and now, with the help of my local CSA, I'm over loaded with veggies. I seriously shocked my system. Wilting lettuce in the microwave for about 30 sec helped. I also would dump hot ground beef and/or hot bacon grease over the lettuce (instead of cold salad dressing) and that helps wilt it slightly. After a week or two of continuing to eat like this my body eventually began digesting the salad on its own. Now I have no problem eating a BAS raw.


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        Only at first. Took a few months for my body to figure out how to digest leafy greens. I was also a salad shooter at first. It will pass. Literally.
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          I was like that for years. Doctor recommended more starch. Ha. They called it "dumping syndrome".

          It still hasn't passed some 12 years later, but it is better if I load my salad up with avocado. And make sure to take my meds no where near having a salad. Part of my problem is just that I probably consume too much roughage and not enough protein. A salad with chicken and lots of fat doesn't shoot out undigested.
          Raw bell peppers are the worst.
          Some days eggs actually do it. Undigested egg is just wrong.


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            Hmmmm. I wonder if that's been my problem. I've been blaming it on the coffee here at work. About 1-2 hours after I eat my BAS, I'm in the bathroom. Never attributed it to salad. Wow. But I love my salad!

            I think I need a to do a little more experimenting. No work coffee today.