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Fell off the wagon and NEED HELP!

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  • Fell off the wagon and NEED HELP!

    Hi all, so about two months ago I found out myself and 140 others at my job were being outsourced to India. That day, I also fell off the paleo/primal wagon...HARD. I've literally been eating total crap and have let my workouts slip.

    Needless to say i'm pretty pissed at myself and would welcome any advice you all have about getting back on the wagon and staying there. Anyone have any tactics they wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks!
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    Get prepared. Go to the store and get things you need to make a delicious paleo meal and make it! Tept yourself back with temptation!
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      Know that it is all in your hands and in the choices you make. Plenty of people will chime in on this thread and give you plenty of good suggestions for strategies. But it is up to you to employ them and it will always be up to you. Emotional eating isn't really something IME that you can *trick* . . . eventually it will sneak right back up on you.

      The only way out is through.

      Face it. And know that once you have faced it and conquered it, that you will one day have to do so again. And again. And again.

      Eventually that will become second nature to you. If you keep at it.

      But. it. never. ever. stops.

      Luck to you.


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        Just do it the way you started: 80/20. Throw out all your junk food and go buy a rack of ribs and some greens. You'll probably experience the carb flu again, but like last time, be a trooper and make your way through the muck. I'm not sure there is an easy way back into it other than 80/20.


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          Throw out the junk, go have a nice primal meal. STEAK! EGGS! then when you're properly fed, go shopping.
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            One meal is all it takes. Your next meal will be primal. That's it. Enjoy that one primal meal, and then commit to the next one.

            I follow the rule that I never eat two non-primal meals in a row. So if things go off the rails for a meal, I don't stress or worry at all. I KNOW my next meal will be primal....

            Welcome back. It's worth it!!
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              You know, there is no trick, there is just doing it.

              You've already been to where you need to be, you just need to do it.

              You'll get through, jobs come and go, but bacon is forever.
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                Great advice from everyone.
                I also find reading the Forum here and other people's blogs and journals about this way of life motivating.
                Just do it!