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Left Chili Out for 8 hours... ok to eat?

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    Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
    Honey, he put broccoli, no chiles, vinegar, and butter in his "chili." It's not a chili. A stew, maybe. But not a chili. The only way he could've made it any worse is if he left it soupy and put beans in it.
    I agree--I'm sure it's delicious, but it's not chili. The only Chili that qualifies is a good Texas bowl of red. No beans, no odd fillers--just meat, chilis and perhaps tomatoes (there is some debate on the tomatoes). It's really a very Primal dish. We Texans are dead serious about what constitutes chili.

    No way I would eat 8 hour old room temp "chili" without a lot of capsaicin in it.

    I love this--you may have seen it--it's been passed around on the internet for years:

    The Classic Texas Chili Story

    Pretty much says it all (but the Black Bean or Vegetarian Chili would have never been allowed in a Texas Chili Cookoff, and rightly so!). :-)
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