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Ideas for food to bring to a music festival?

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  • Ideas for food to bring to a music festival?

    Hey guys

    I'm struggling for ideas for what food I could bring with me to a music festival? It would need to be easy enough to carry in a rucksack FULL of other gear, and last me a couple days at least?

    I'm going to T in the Park on Thursday until Monday and while I expect to have to give in to the poor quality, massively overpriced junk food they'll sell there at some point over the festival, if I have enough primal food for a couple days that would be decent! The other thing is while the weather isn't usually too impressive in Scotland, there's a chance that the food I bring could be sitting in a roasting hot tent absorbing all the heat from the summer sunshine so I'm worried if I leave some cooked meat it'll go off...

    Any suggestions appreciated!

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    Beef Jerkey, Pepperoni, smoked salmon, canned sardines (etc), olives (I like the ones stuffed with garlic or hot pepper), dried fruit, nuts. Dark chocolate may melt so eat that the first day . Good Luck.


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      Cold chicken and ham, boiled eggs, celery and carrot sticks with a dip, olives, pepper poppers, cheese/cheese spreads of various kinds with almond crackers, mini quiches, berries, cold cans of seltzer, nuts, kabobs/little skewers of spiced beef or chicken. I love picnics!
      You can get a cold pack bag that will keep your food cool for hours, and would fit in your backpack.

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        Cold pack bag is a great idea. Tell us how it went and what worked.


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          Tinned sardines! J West are doing nice 'grilled' ones now. No brine or oil. Also their tinned steam cooked mackerel fillets. Ring pull, no tin opener needed.
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            magic mushrooms are delicious festival fare


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              Definetly canned fish, canned coconut milk, nuts and hardier veggies. I would even go for protein powder as an exception. Not a fun of boiled eggs carried in a pack though; tend to go yucky. Have fun!
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