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No Bread with burgers and hotdogs

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    Originally posted by Sudenveri View Post
    Real men grill naked.

    Grilling excites me and i cant reach the food without buring sensitive areas
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      Originally posted by Sudenveri View Post
      Real men grill naked.
      And have the grease spatter burns to prove it. LINK.

      stop clicking that. it's not a real link.


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        It's not a big deal any more. At my cookout I had two cheeseburgers and a hotdog, all from our semi-local butcher, quite excellent, no need for a bun, no weird looks.
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          Originally posted by Mike in Virginia View Post
          Only if the single lady next door is grilling with me ;-)
          Dude. A little proactivity. How are you going to get her over there if you don't wave a flag?

          *wanders off, secure in the knowledge that if I actually goad Mike to grill naked, while we do live in the same town, he's not my actual (as in next door) neighbor*
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            Originally posted by Hitman View Post
            Yea it was amazing book it's my bible next to my bed. I let loose maybe 6 times a year.
            fair enough. FWIW it was the use of excess cardio to make up for bad eating habits that got me more then the bad eating. everyones allowed to let loose on occassion, its just that the notion that working out harder to make up for it is very unhealthy
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