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Fish Oil, Fermented Cod Liver Oil or both?

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  • Fish Oil, Fermented Cod Liver Oil or both?

    I've been doing some reading over at the Weston A Price page, and they rec Cod Liver oil...fermented to be exact. It sounds really good for you. Is there anything I should be aware of? I already take a Carlson's fish oil supplement, and I've heard that Cod Liver Oil doesn't have as much DHA and such. So would I continue the fish oil or is the cod liver oil enough? Thanks!

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    I take the fermented cod liver oil. That's all I take. Currently, half a teaspoon in the morning and the same in the evening—although maybe less would be OK this time of year. It seems a good, if expensive, option, since you get omega-3 fatty acids and appreciable quantities of A and D. Eat some butter with it and you get K2 as well.

    I would think that someone who was quite a bit overweight, so could maybe do with a little more omega-3, could take the fish oil as well. But that's a guess. I recall that Chris Kresser said that he considered that polyunsaturates shouldn't be more than 5% of one's total calorific intake, so if you're taking cod liver oil and eating nuts and so on, I guess it would be best not to go too crazy on fish oil. Rob Wolf used to recommend very high doses of it, at least as an induction strategy, but has backed off a bit on that.

    The only person I can think of who actually mentions both CLO and fish oil is Nora Gedgaudas. It's not clear to me whether she thinks some people could benefit from both or not. Maybe you could drop her a line and ask her:

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      Thank you for the information! I've also been looking on the Radiant Life Company website who sells it, and they say you take Krill oil for Omega 3's because the Omega 3's in CLO are triglycerides and not polysaccrides found in Krill oil, which are supposedly better for you. I'm trying to take all this with a grain of salt, though. I mean I could go broke buying everything they recommend. I thought I could stop my vitamin D supplement, however, if I began taking CLO, which would save me a little money. Even more on top of that if I stopped the fish oil supps too ya know?