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Diverticulitis and high fiber...

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  • Diverticulitis and high fiber...

    A friend of mine, who is extremely over weight and has struggled with it her entire life, has just been diagnosed with Diverticulitis. She goes in for surgery on Tuesday to repair a whole that has developed in her colon. I know nothing about this disease but it seems to me that it could save her life. She has to cleanse before the surgery, she will be in the hospital for five days after and then recovering at home for a few weeks after that. She told me she must go on a high fiber diet. I've looked on this sight through the search bar, for info from people with this condition but can't find anything. I would love for her to see the light and jump on board as she has about 150 pounds to loose just to be at the high end of healthy weight.

    Anyone out there dealing with this and finding good results in Primal???
    Strong is the new Skinny!