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    Originally posted by RitaRose View Post
    One thing I've personally noticed is that the foods I crave tend to be the foods I need to either eliminate or cut back on. I know some people have found it the other way around, but maybe my body is still fixing itself and doesn't get healthy signals yet.

    Anyway, I had a little bit of milk last week, and then I had a little more... and more. I kept drinking more and more until I finally was having something like 3 large glasses a day. Yeah, a bit much. I cut out all milk completely starting yesterday morning and I haven't been craving it at all today, plus my weight loss started up again.

    Maybe it's the same with fruit for you.
    My brain lies to me ALL the it used to lie to me that I NEED milk...
    I think my right brain is trying to convince my left brain that it's wrong, right isn't always right, right? =P


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      Sooo glad I read through all of these posts! I am only 3 weeks in, feeling fantastic, but haven't dropped a pound. Just finished the 21 day transformation and need to listen to my body more, possibly cut back more on dairy (although I don't eat much) and just hang in there. Thank you all for such positive insight. Its really hard changing your lifestyle in such a huge way - especially when a lot of people don't get it when you first tell them about it - these posts have really kept me from not being such a debbie downer about not losing the weight I want to in the time I want to.


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        I was addicted to the scales once.

        Here's why:
        I'd cheat -- eat too much, whatever -- then rush to the scales to see if I "got away with it."
        Give it up. Weight fluctuates even when you're eating properly.
        Eat right and you won't have to weigh yourself so often.
        No guilt, no getting-away with anything.
        You can't cheat Mother Nature.