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Paleo-Primal habits of a self proclaimed grok ;-)

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    Workouts are divided into three phases....

    Yoga/Deep breathing/Meditation/jogging early in the morning.

    Calisthenics and dumbell work in the afternoons.

    High intensity cardio, sprints in the night.



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      Following foods have been replaced with a more appropriate substitutes...

      In the past : pastry once a week.

      Now : A small chunk of dark chocolate.

      In the past : Stouts, ales, vodka

      Now : A glass of wine.

      Although I do have beer but that is reserved for very very special occasions and it's no more a weekly binging thing.

      In the past : Smoking cigarettes and a cigar on weekends.

      Now : Eating smokin' and juicy barbecue meats on my george foreman grill. ;-) Smoking is history.

      In the past : French fries, Southern fried chicken, cheese burgers etc as a form of junk food treat.

      Now : Any fatty cut of meat with spinach, kale, cabbage or broccoli...yummy.


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        1 Skin tone and hair texture has dramatically improved. Almost no trace of acne.

        2 Breathing has become deeper and better..discarded the use of nasal spray.

        3 No more hunger pangs leading to junk food binges.

        4 No more mood swings.

        5 No whatsoever temptation to have cheat days.

        6 Dramatic difference in body composition, enhanced vascularity overall including on thighs and calves ( for the first time )

        7 Very active and energetic throughout the day.

        Primal for life.