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Primal diet and an enlarged prostate...

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  • Primal diet and an enlarged prostate...

    i have a friend who has had an enlarged prostate for some time... his medical joes are telling him that a diet high in red meat can/will cause/exacerbate this condition.

    of course this starts everybody (many constantly struggling with being overweight) jumping on the "your killing yourself with your diet" bandwagon... (not that i care what their CW is telling them).

    i would like to direct my friend to articles or such concerning the true relationship between the intake of red meat, as in a primal lifestyle, and the enlarged prostate...

    I have been pokin around and not found too much. any direction to this information would be greatly appreciated! personal experience would be even greater! i hate seeing friends going through things that a SIMPLE change in diet can take care of....

    thanks in advance!

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    Here's a link to some CW nonsense about it that is all over the place-

    Causes and Risk Factors for BPH |

    Metabolic syndrome:
    Also referred to as “Syndrome X,” metabolic syndrome is a cluster of disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. These disorders include obesity, elevated blood pressure, glucose intolerance or insulin resistance (the inability of normal amounts of insulin to transport blood sugar into cells on command), a pro-inflammatory state (elevated C-reactive protein in the blood), and a prothrombotic state (high fibrinogen or plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in the blood). Researchers discovered that these factors also increased the risk of developing BPH. A group of Swedish scientists have suggested that BPH and metabolic syndrome may be linked by problems with insulin and blood sugar regulation, which results in elevated levels of insulin. (Hammersten 1998)
    So don't have raised insulin, avoid sugar, do Primal...

    but they contradict themselves...

    Poor diet:
    According to a 2008 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, consuming greater amounts of vegetables and lesser amounts of fat and red meat may reduce the risk of developing BPH. (Kristal 2008) For example, the study showed that eating a high-fat diet raised the odds of developing BPH by 31 percent, while eating red meat daily increased the chances by 38 percent. However, if you consume at least four servings of vegetables daily, you can reduce your risk by 32 percent. The exact role that fat plays in causing the prostate to grow is not understood, although researchers have some ideas. Fat has the ability to increase the levels of testosterone, estrogen, and other hormones, which have been linked with BPH. Fat is also associated with chronic inflammation, which can cause prostate enlargement and play a role in prostate cancer.
    Correlation does not equal causation. Note that they don't know WHY they say avoid red meat, so they have to guess inflammation, which is due to SAD. They have it backwards.


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      There have been some threads about coconut helping prostate enlargement. Try searching for them.
      Ancestral Health Info

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