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COuld this be muscle weight???

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  • COuld this be muscle weight???

    So, I have been primal for about a month now. I am not losing but gaining. At first it was a backup issue. I have gotten that resolved though and am still up 3 pounds. I have not gained any inches what so ever anywhere on my body that I have measured. Could this possibly be muscle weight that I have gained or is it fat? Will I ever lose weight on primal? I seem to be maintaining or gaining for that matter. What's the deal????????

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    What are you eating? What exercises are you doing? What are you taking?

    Could be muscle, bone density and other good things. Go by measurements and how clothes fit. Throw away your scale or hide it in the closet.
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      I am eating typically

      b- some type of meat. Sometimes I eat bacon and 2-3 eggs, other times I may eat a fritatta with ground turkey or beef with some veggies, 1/4 avocado
      l- nice portion of beef, or chicken, or other type of meat I have on hand with some steamed broccoli or other green veggie
      d- nice protion of salmon, chicken breast, pork, beef, and more veggies.

      I do circuit exercises and body weight exercises, and use dumbbells as well. As far as supplements are concerned, I take a mulit vitamin, fish oil for right now.

      I just want to make sure it is not fat.


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        Measure yourself everywhere. I went through much of the same thing, only after being primal for a little over a year. I threw out the scale as suggested, measured, made sure I wasn't over eating by cutting the snacking and such, and then measured again 2 months later. Lost a ton of inches, but no weight. Still, since I was obviously losing fat by the inches lost, it was a good thing.