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NY Times Article on Fasted State Exercising

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  • NY Times Article on Fasted State Exercising


    Really? The Claim: Doing Cardiovascular Exercise on an Empty Stomach Burns More Fat -

    Does Cardio After an Overnight Fast Maximize Fat Loss? : Strength & Conditioning Journal

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    I think it depends on many things:
    - how much protein you are eating to prevent muscle loss
    - if you are strength training to maintain muscle mass
    - duration and intensity of cardio
    - how lean you are

    I know that for "Stubborn Fat" areas on leaner individuals, fasted cardio is a great tool.
    The article says that "without fuel to aid the workout, exercise intensity and overall calorie burn will be reduced" and I don't agree with that. I workout (cardio and/or weights) way better when I'm fasted. My energy levels are actually higher.

    It's personal preference.


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      So I discussed the results of these article with a friend in Med School and he said that Muscle would begin to be synthesized for energy at some point which i agree with. Where my disagreement is on the article is that without carbs and only Fat Stores and Muscle Stores to reach into your body should reach to fat FIRST to burn therefore burn more of.

      If you have carbs before working out or withing a certain amount of hours before your body should blow threw the carbs first before even reaching fat, true or un-true?

      Also the process of breaking muscle into energy (glycogensis SP?) is far more taxing on your body than just burning fat, true or un-true?


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        This research assumes SAD diet and accompanying carb dependence and quick hypoglycemia. It's probably not "wrong" but it's not addressing "us."
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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          If you're body is conditioned to burn fat for fuel, training fasted may be preferred. If you're a sugar burner, training fasted will suck, and your body will break down protein to get the sugar it's conditioned to burn.

          Fatty Acid Oxidation

          Running Times Magazine: Running on Empty

          β-HYDROXYBUTYRATE: THE MOST EFFICIENT FUEL Veech and colleagues discovered that administering β-hydroxybutyrate to the perfused rat heart in place of glucose increased work output but decreased oxygen consumption (35).


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            I've had great success with fasted morning LISS(low intensity steady state) at 60-70% MHR, or below panting levels. I think being on a low or lower carb diet increases its effectiveness. I know when I'm on a ketogenic diet I have lots of energy when I first wake up, that extra energy is all ketones. The idea behind morning cardio is to burn the mobilized ketones that are elevated in the morning, being in ketosis means more ketones to burn.
            Ye shall know them by their fruits.


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              The NYT piece is useless.

              I would expect that people on this forum that workout and do IF and all that know way more about it than just some NYT journalist that is skimming publications for something to write about.

              This is a problem with journalism in general, and I'm writing as an ex-journalist myself. The journalist doesn't typically dig into the details on a forum like this where people do this every day and really figure it out. The journalist stays away from those sources and sticks with CW crap (unless they happen to be really into it themselves).

              Have you ever really been into something that attracts people from the news, and then you read what they wrote up and went "WTF?" Happens all the time.