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steak every day?

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  • steak every day?

    ive heard that eating a steak every day isnt good for you?
    is it true or can i eat a steak every day?

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    It's tasty.

    A couple months ago when my family was out of town I went to Costco to do the grocery shopping. I bought a single beef tenderloin (untrimmed - fat is our friend) and cut it into 12 steaks and ate 2 steaks a day for the next six days. The only thing I added was homemade salsa (fresh diced tomatoes, red onions, garlic, lime juice, and cilantro) and 3-4 eggs at my first meal (I was eating 2 meals a day then, starting around noon).

    The steaks were cooked in coconut oil. The eggs scrambled in butter. The salsa was raw (used it to top my steaks)

    Full and full of energy all day every day. Pooped regular (no constipation or explosive nastiness).



    For me price was the ultimate barrier to doing this more regularly (price and a love of seafood). If you have a lot of weight to lose and are doing LC or VLC I don't see the harm in it. If you are in maintenance you might be better off adding more carbs than I did that week.


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      i have an injury in my left knee and my doctor said i need to lose weight to lower the pressure on my knee.
      well i know a place who sell them steaks pretty cheap.
      im not gonna realy eat a steak every day, im gonna some some liver too, and maybe other kinds of meat.. but i just heard that eating steaks more then like twice week isnt god for you so i wanted to know for sure.
      I have no idea whats LC or VLC is.. im basicly just eat less carbs (then ones i do eat i get from vegtebles mainly and some from fruit) and i just try to eat nice amounts of protein and fat. (lately ive been eating 3 eggs scrambled in butter and cottage cheese in the morning, some meat and salad at lunch and a big salad at dinner (i have no idea what to eat to have more fat in dinner, except the olive oil i put in the salad)).


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        I keep seeing things about 100% grass-fed beef being the only kind you should be eating. You might want to do some research in that area and see what you find. It is pretty eye-opening. I no longer buy regular beef but I have never been a big beef eater. My passion is wild caught salmon...just as expensive, unfortunately. Since I changed my diet 4 years ago my grocery bill has doubled. But it is worth it. I cut out other expenses like cable TV.
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            think of it this way, I'd rather eat conventionally raised beef daily than eat refined grains and sugars daily. Neither is ideal, but one is clearly better than the other. You're already got one side covered, but adding some variety to your diet would do you well. There are days where I'm full on carnivore, my gf worries, but then I "even it out" with other protein sources and by eating more vegetables, etc. It gets boring to eat the same stuff constantly, and there are so many tasty animals that you should consider expanding your horizons if only for taste reasons alone.

            Sure, grass fed is infinitely better (for you, taste wise, and for the environment) but I've been eating nothing but conventional everything for... well, forever, and I haven't experienced any negative side effects. I'm positive my health would be better with grass fed, what I'm trying to say is it's not BAD because of conventional.
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              I think that it's great that we can get a wide variety of different foods these days and I wouldn't want to focus on just one food. As far as any one food, steak in this case, being bad for you in repetition I don't think so. (Grok reference coming here) 10,000 years ago you'd eat what you could find an not be worried about variety.


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                I have eaten steak almost twice a day every day for the last 8 months. If anything, it is good for me.
                I eat other stuff too, but steak is the best. Gives me the most energy/balance and tastes good to boot.
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                  I am beginning to think I need to go in this direction as well. I eat other meats, but feel best when I eat a good steak (or calves liver, yum). I get egg ick, fish ick, even lamb ick (shocking!), but I never get steak ick.
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                    I'm a natural rotator. I cannot eat the same thing more than a couple times in a row, without growing tired of it and having the food make me feel ill. A good chunk of red meat is beyond wonderful, but disgusting if eaten repeatedly. i've been told I'm a bit strange.


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                      Originally posted by Lily Marie View Post
                      I'm a natural rotator. I cannot eat the same thing more than a couple times in a row, without growing tired of it and having the food make me feel ill. A good chunk of red meat is beyond wonderful, but disgusting if eaten repeatedly. i've been told I'm a bit strange.
                      My wife is the same way. She needs variety from day to day or she gets very unhappy with her meals.


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                        I need a little variety, so not every day, but do I eat a small steak several times a week. Breakfast and supper.
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