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Joint/Muscle pain

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  • Joint/Muscle pain

    I was vegetarian for 10 years before going Primal. I exercised pretty hard core and kept calories to around 1200 a day and never lost weight. I went Primal in February and I've dropped 33 pounds so far and feel better in many ways.
    The one lingering problem I have is muscle/joint pain. When I wake up or if I've been sitting for a while, I am really stiff and have to ease into motion and it makes me feel like I'm 80 years old. My legs are really weak despite years of walking/hiking and working out.
    Anyone have experience with this or know what could cause it or how to help?
    I supplement with magnesium, potassium and liquid vitamin D.

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    This is going to be an "out there" question, but are you or have you been on a statin drug? This has nothing to do with primal, but those disclaimers in the commercials for these drugs is there for a reason. I know of two people who took statins and it triggered a "rare but serious" autoimmune disease called polymiositis that basically destroyed (over time) the muscle mass in their legs and arms.

    One of them is my father. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Hope I'm way off base with you!
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      Are you drinking enough water? Also, maybe you should check if its not osteoarthritis, check your bone mass?


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        I have the same problem. (I'm 51). Been to dcotrs and nobody knows why. My back is particularly weak and stiff. Excersize helps a bit but canmake me feel pretty beat up. I'mgoing to try TFX at my Crossfit box next week to see if tht helps.


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          Age is a factor, as is getting enough fats, but if you are under forty I would be looking in to it more seriously. In my sixties I expect a bit of stiffness after sitting too long at the computer, etc. Do you stretch after exercise?
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            It sounds like the stiffness and pain after sitting go away once you get moving again. Is that right?

            If that's true, is it possible you're adding new muscle tone?

            When I started my job, which is very physical, I would get really stiff and have to walk around a bit to make the stiffness go away, If I remember correctly, that lasted for months. I think most of that was because I was building up muscle, which would be a good thing. Maybe being vegetarian before didn't allow for the amount of protein you have in your diet now, and so the muscles are doing even more rebuilding than before.


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              Thanks for the feedback all. I'm not on any statins or any drugs at all and I drink a lot of water. It went away for a few days when the weather was warm and then came back right when the weather changed. I'm going to see if that was just a fluke or if weather does play a part. I'm not 40 yet.


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                its possible youre body is still affected from all the crap conventional foods..i know before i switched to primal my biggest training issues were that no matter what i did i had extreme shoulder wrist hand and knee pain quite constantly and i was sore and stiff all over...almost a year after eliminating everything(mostly) has caused it all to go but anytime i cheat the pain comes RIGHT BACK! so check what ur eating just because its primal even doesnt mean its good for u ur body might be badly reacting to something and then ur protein/calcium etcc.. nutrients u need for proper healing might not be getting where you need them..besides that your body just needs time good luck!