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How do I gain weight but make it muscle and not fat?

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  • How do I gain weight but make it muscle and not fat?

    Here's the skinny (haha).....I believe that I have become too thin for various functions my body needs. I'm not that skinny....around 125lbs (5'3) and bodyfat around 22% according to my scale. However, when I was heavier (over 130lbs), it seemed that my body ran like clockwork. Now I'm looking to have children and that is not the case anymore. I never want to be fat again, but I came to the conclusion that if I have to gain weight that was what was going to happen. I'm wondering if there's a better way, and I think you all can help me with that.

    Muscle weighs more than fat yes? So is it possible with me eating Paleo if I added muscle building techniques and minimal cardio that I could gain muscle and not fat, but still gain weight if that makes sense? I know guys do it all the time, but what about ladies?

    I figure my goal is to hit around 135 to 140lbs but look similar to how I am at 125lbs, so I can still wear all these new clothes I just bought three months ago lol (at least until I get pregnant *crosses fingers*)

    Thanks for the help everyone!

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    the easy answer is "yes" of course you can gain muscle. anybody can gain muscle without gaining fat. just eat the right type and amount of food and do the right kind of exercise and of course you can reach your goals.

    if your question is then "well what is the right type of food and right exercise?" then i guess that is what this whole website and forum is all about so it cant be answered too easily. keep reading and making sensible decisions based on your requirements and be fully motivated and you can certainly reach any goals that you set.


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      Gaining weight requires proper nutrition and balanced diet which will provide sufficient nutrition to our body.This is usually suggested to eat healthy diet like boil food and green items which will add to your weight avoiding fat secretion in your body.This is a perfect method through which you can become healthy but not fat.And one most important thing is to avoid unhealthy and fast food items in your daily routine.


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        Lean Gains.


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          It's simple. Eat more and do weight or bodyweight training.

          Forget "magical" programs.

          Eat more. Lift (or do bodyweight stuff).

          You could diet down on junk - or not so optimal food. Remember the Twinkies guy who lost weight, or the potato diet guy? It's all calories in and calories out, but still I recommend you eat reasonably sensibly, although, since you are gaining weight, you don't need to be too obsessed with "should I eat this or not" type of thing.


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            "Anybody can gain muscle without gaining fat". You make it sound so easy which I dont think it is. Have to have a good muscle building programme so excess calories are used to build muscle and not fatten up.
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              I second NDFs suggestion of Leangains. A year ago I would have (and did) say that if you're already pretty lean and well muscled that gaining more muscle while not gaining any fat was impossible. Now I know that it's not impossible, it just takes some techniques (which Leangains outlines). If you are new to weight training, you can add a few pounds of muscle pretty easily. Just lift heavy and eat most of your carbs and calories post-workout. Good luck!


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                Focusing on eating protein and fat will help promote lean muscle growth and reduce adipose tissue. Eating a diet high in (healthy) fats can also help fertility. It's like, a win-win proposition for you. I wouldn't worry about making up some number in your head though that you think you should weigh. Your body will weigh what is natural for it when you take care of it.


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                  carb cycle + leangains = win
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                    Weighted squats.
                    Lifting Journal


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                      I agree with what Mal said and I'd add that bathroom scales are notoriously unreliable for body fat calculation. Your real bf percentage may be a lot lower. I'll include a link to calculate bf percentage using measurements among other things. Using calipers or a bod pod would be better still of course.

                      Diet Calculator, Body Fat Calculator


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                        I think that lifting weights (or strength training in general) is great for women as well as men. Women seem to be afraid that they'll turn into the huge body builder chicks but that won't happen. Huge body builder chicks do roids and then go on extreme diets just like the huge body builder men do.


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                          Great advice in here. Just LHT and eat 1-1.5g of protein per pound of lean body mass. So if your lean body mass is 100lbs, eat 150g of protein per day. Your muscles will thank you for it.
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                            take a look at Batty's journal and her blog. you might get some ideas for building muscle and strength from her...
                            additionally, have you read taking charge of your fertility by toni wenshel (sp?) she provides ideas to help you and your doc's identify what's wonky w/your cycles or lack there of, based upon charting etc

                            I haven't done leangains - but from what I've read it can help.

                            Also, if you haven't read any the Leptin threads you might want too...based upon what I've read and understand from Dr K's blog - if your Leptin Resistant it not only impacts cortisol, and insulin but estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone as well... at your starting weight for your height - you might have pushed your LR over the edge (unintentionally), causing a cortosol spike, which just flowed down hill causing annovulatory cycles, which in some women show up as irregular or no cycle.
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                              Originally posted by Goldensparrow View Post
                              Muscle weighs more than fat yes? So is it possible with me eating Paleo if I added muscle building techniques and minimal cardio that I could gain muscle and not fat, but still gain weight if that makes sense? I know guys do it all the time, but what about ladies?
                              No,muscle takes up less volume for a given weight, in other words it is more dense. An important distinction. At your size you might even gain 5 pounds while becoming physically smaller depending on where you're starting out.

                              Second the notion of seeking some Batty threads as she has covered this in words and pictures quite well, esp w/ regard to women.
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