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"Natural Flavors" in BUTTER??

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  • "Natural Flavors" in BUTTER??

    I am so disappointed. Almost every store brand of unsalted butter has "natural flavors" listed is an ingredient. Isn't that almost always code for MSG? I have noticed that when I buy the kinds with natural flavors, they do have a bit of a weird aftertaste if I am thinking about it. Any thoughts on this?

    I did some searching, there is an article about it
    Natural Flavorings In Butter? | Comfy Tummy

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    I have 2 kinds in my fridge - KerryGold and Kroger (Smith's) brand.

    The KerryGold is just plain cream, so if you can get that, it's all good. I get mine at Trader Joe's, but I've read about people getting it elsewhere - maybe Costco?

    Yeah, the Kroger brand has "natural flavoring", and it's your best guess what that might be.


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      My Costco doesn't have it Wish they did! I generally make Ghee out of my butter, so the kerrygold would get expensive fast. I need to look into the online ghee sources I've seen here...


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        As someone pointed out in another thread, natural flavors can also include sugar. I have stayed with Organic Valley butter, but now that I have found out about Kerrygold, will switch to that. Or to Icelandic Smjor (sp?), which also appeared on another thread and sounds heavenly. No way I will ever again buy butter with "natural flavors". btw, I understand that Smjor is available in the US only through Whole Foods Market. Kerrygold has a website with a stor locator, through which I found a local outlet here: Welcome to kerrygold
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          Yeah, I avoid store brand butters on water content alone. Kerrygold, OG Valley, Horizon, Plugra, President - are all good butters and readily available at most regular and high end grocery retailers. Meyenberg makes a goat milk butter that is mild and grassy and easily digestible (for folks with cow milk issues), containing about 35% MCT. Sheep butter is harder to find and (to my taste, anyway) tends to have a weird nutty flavor in the background.

          It's funny, I find the longer I'm primal the less butter I actually use, and in turn the more willing I am to pay a little extra for a good imported butter with ingredients that all came out of an actual animal.


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            Costco carries ghee as well, or it did a few months back. I didn't see it this last time but didn't look..