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any good toronto based primal restaurants?

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  • any good toronto based primal restaurants?

    just curious ill be there for 3 days and was wondering if anyone knew of restos that are better for sticking primal then others?

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    Korean BBQ! There are two on Yonge St, one just north of Dundas and one just below Bloor, both on the west side of the street. They are awesome! You have a hot gas grill in the centre of your table, and an all you can eat supply of about 10 different raw meats, poultry and fish/seafood. Then you cook your own dinner. Accompanied by a few dishes of Korean vegetables and salads, and some great dipping sauces.

    And cheap - about $17 per person on a weekend night. We have gone there on our last 2 trips to T.O.

    Another alternative is Chinese or Mongolian hot pot. Again, cook your own. A gas burner in the centre of the table, you pick your kind of soup broth (can be gentle or super spicy, or both), and a wall of raw meats, greens, veggies to choose from. Just ignore the noodles and "dumpling" choices. All you can eat again. You build your own dipping sauce, too, as spicy as you want it. I don't know of any right downtown - you can probably google it, but there are very good ones up in the Markham area where the huge Asian population lives. The one we've been to is called "ICook" at Steeles and Warden. I'm sure the downtown Chinatown will have something similar if you are staying downtown.

    Enjoy Toronto!


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      Rodeo (formerly Red Violin) on south side of Danforth east of Broadview. Brazilian steakhouse $50 per person for all you can eat. Definitely worth it.

      A lot of Greek places on the Danforth are great for souvlaki etc, and you can easily avoid the grains which are on the side. Christina's on the Danforth is excellent.


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        thanks so much! i was a little lost ive never been here before thisll help alot


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          Originally posted by primalTatoolover View Post
          just curious ill be there for 3 days and was wondering if anyone knew of restos that are better for sticking primal then others?
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            It's an interesting city, enjoy!


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              Cocacaban (sp?) at Yonge and Eglinton, fantastic Brazilian BBQ. I also second the Korean BBQ, try the Grill House just south of Yonge and Bloor.
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                Depending what area you are in the city I can kind of guide you....I'm west end of downtown...I would have highly reccomended the pride parade to check out. Easy on queen west sometimes has grass fed burgers, you can get bunless, I'm slowly figuring out the primal places around my home town...


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                  hey friend, i just got back in toronto from not so primal italy great suggestions already and the best choices for primal if not buffet style is definetely the greek restaurants on the danforth. if you're into thai, khao san road is on adelaide/peter and you can order the most amazing meat appetizers, curries without rice, and soups! id show you around too, but i'm already vancouver bound as of tomorrow. enjoy toronto, i can safely say you wont have too much trouble with the food diversity here.


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                    yorke street seems to be the place to go for bbqs loll itd be amazing to get some grass fed burgers incognito! ive always been curious what grass fed meat tastes like(havent been able to get any in my area) , and when ill be down in toronto im in vaughan to see my lady love and shes hopeless with food so i cant trust her haha sucks youre off already porcelain would have been fun to meet up! thx for info have fun in vancouver! beautifull place


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                      wow. i didn't know there are so many paleo/primal restaurants in the city!