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  • post surgery nutrition ideas/advice

    hello everyone .. thanks for a great site and forum!

    i'm writing to ask for easy to prepare food choices for use after next week's ankle
    surgery - while on crutches for eight weeks.

    i'm interested if anyone has been successful with a liquid diet as this would limit my
    hopping in the kitchen

    i'd also appreciate thoughts on supplements to assist with healing after bone spur
    removal and microfracture.

    thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Make lots of soups and freeze or pressure can. You'll want to have copious amounts of bone broth to help healing. You'll also want to really ramp up the fermented foods. I would take a very strong probiotic, like VSL#3 or Custom Probiotics, while on antibiotics and for a few weeks after.

    Other ideas are lots of roasts with veggies. Throw a hunk of meat in a slow cooker along with some whole veggies and some seasonings. Bagged salad is easy too.


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      Sends good thoughts about surgery going well for you.
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        thanks for the great suggestions and well wishes!