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Any breastfeeding moms on here? Question about calories and carbs.

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  • Any breastfeeding moms on here? Question about calories and carbs.

    I'm nursing my 1 year old, and she probably gets about half her calories from me, on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I'm trying to figure out what I need calorie wise. I was losing weight the first week, but then ate out on Sunday and gained it back (probably water weight). I dropped some of it again, but am still above where I was. I'm looking at my food log and I'm eating less calories than I was in the beginning, and less carbs. I was averaging around 120 grams of carbs a day, and 2,200 calories, give or take. Lately I've been below that calorie wise most days, and less than 100 grams of carbs. (80-90 it seems). Could that actually be stalling my weightloss? Do nursing moms need more carbs maybe? In possibly unrelated news the baby was sleeping better than ever before the first week or so. Now she is waking up 1-2 times a night. I'm wondering it either A. I was making better/more milk before on the extra calories/carbs and so she slept better. Or B. I am getting less sleep and that is why I'm not losing weight, and her sleep habits are just coincidental.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hey, there, friend. I think, maybe, you haven't been giving it enough time between weights to really identify if there is a problem.

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      perhaps. I also feel more bloated in the belly....i had been feeling more slim. not sure why that is.

      Edited to clarify - I am at the end of the third week. The first two weeks I felt GREAT! This week I've been more tired, the baby is sleeping less, I've craved sugar more (but not given in), and my belly has been bloated rather than feeling slimmer like it had been the first two weeks. And i'm up a pound. I just realized that I ovulated the other day, and had a lot of pelvic/abdominal discomfort and cramping. I think I might have another ovarian cyst, which would explain a lot of things. Today I feel better, the bloating is pretty much gone, the cramping is gone, and I'm not really craving food like I had been.

      So, either it was something to do with ovulation, or the extra calories I had yesterday, and the extra carbs I had today (half a cliff bar) were the trick. We will see.
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