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what are the chances of becoming sensitive to certain foods?

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  • what are the chances of becoming sensitive to certain foods?

    just curious if anyone knows how sensitivies come about...i understand alot of the time its either genetic or its caused by eating too much of the same kind of food...but wouldnt it be more natural to the body to eat pretty much the same kind of meat veggies fruit for long periods of time depending on where you are living? im asking this cuz i love avocados and i want to start eating more everyday as a solid mono fat and potassium source because i dont eat much with potassium...but im worried i might get sensitive to it...thoughts anyone?

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    The only sensitivities I've developed were to chemicals (sulfites and sodium nitrite) and to caffeine, and I would say those were due to incredibly frequent exposure over decades. I'm not sure what anyone else's experiences are.

    Other than that, gluten makes my stomach hate me. That's only since going Primal that I've noticed it, though I'm sure it was there all along.


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      I was never lactose intolerant until recently. I developed a full blown allergy (as in anaphylactic shock) to Kiwi fruit of all the strange things. That happened when I was about 30. No rhyme or reason sometimes.


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        To add to the oddity, I had a bad case of food poisoning from a very nice restaurant... 2 weeks later I was able to eat food again, and I'll be damned if I don't get ridiculously sick and feeling terrible when I eat wheats. Often, no rhyme or reason, although my doctor when I was young said that if you avoid a food you become sensitive to for a couple years, you can probably start to eat it again.

        As for becoming sensitive? Don't over indulge, and you should be ok? I know someone who is now pretty sick when she eats corn after spending two years eating corn (usually raw, or from a can) daily. *shrug* no science to it, purely anecdotal, for all I know, she was already sensitive prior.
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          always such a pain to figure these things out..its either you try it out and hope nothing happens or dont try at all and lose the possible benefits..fudge lol