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How can I get large volumes of crickets/locust to eat?

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  • How can I get large volumes of crickets/locust to eat?

    There are many rural areas around here loaded with insects. I'd love to eat them, but aside from dropping a net from a plane I have no idea how to gather enough for even a snack! Since the most kosher are grasshoppers, locust and crickets I was hoping to get those. What about the internet? Can I buy clean bugs for cheap online?
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    I don't have any advice, but there wasn't a chance in hell I was going to pass this thread by without taking a peek...


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      I found one source!
      Giant Edible Crickets - 3.49 : Gourmet Thai food gift ideas, Thailand unique gifts, Thai specialty food store

      These look good except for the soy sauce. 20% anyone?!
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        You could get some at the pet store. just give 'em a few days to clear out whatever they've been eating and load them up with primal hopper food (whatever that is).

        apparently they were a convenient source of protein for kids in Asia after the war. They'd remove the legs and wings and stir-fry them in soy sauce

        Me, I'm struggling with the idea of cooking a cow tongue....
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          Pet store seems expensive, but now that you mention it I guess they're pretty cheap there. I usually clean them out and gut-load them for my animals anyway, so why not? Perhaps I'll document it if I get around to buying them.

          I haven't tried tongue yet, either. Still enjoying my liver and marrow.
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            It's heart for me. It turns out years of threatening to rip out my brother's heart and roast it over the burning remains of his corpse acclimated me to the idea of heart meat.
            Oh and you could try finding a grasshopper trap.
            And don't worry about how disturbing what I said is, it's an inside joke between the two of us.
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              How do you feel about mealworms?
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                Any pet store that has reptile supplies can order crickets, mealworms and other assorted wrigglies in bulk for reasonably cheap. At one time I was going through about 1000 crickets a month, and don't recall it being a hardship.

                If you're only buying a few, they are expensive. If you are pre-ordering in bulk, its much cheaper and you can order by size.
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