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    Hi everyone. I noticed Primal recommends raw/un-pasteurized dairy... I can find raw milk cheeses at the health food stores around here, but for milk/cream is it fine to order, say, a whole milk/half & half latte at Starbucks in the morning, even though they most likely use the factory-farmed, pasteurized stuff? What about cheese or sour cream on a Mexican salad? Paneer Saag (cottage cheese spinach) at an Indian joint?

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    The book states it's a grey area, and then gives a couple guidelines.

    I'd say, do what feels right, if you feel better off dairy, avoid it, if you want it, eat it. Just moderate. Many people fear the raw milk, so it's hard to get, but it's not going to kill you much, all the time. I wouldn't stress over it. I like cottage cheese, I still eat it. I just don't put it on an english muffin anymore.
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      Do what YOU think.

      I personally don't do dairy because I breakout when I eat it. I am fine with butter and whey.

      However, when I am eating out I generally do not have any concerns. I mean, its FREE food. FREE calories and its better than eating something else later if I am not at home. If you can tolerate dairy well and if you eat dairy at home then make your best judgment.
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        I agree with the try it and see school. You'll know within days if it's messing with you. Drink a lot of it at once to find out the impact it will have. Dip that litmus deep and see what color it turns!

        I just drink coconut milk instead. Raw milk is still too expensive.
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          Personally I avoid dairy as much as possible because I don't eat or support veal. Most male baby calves end up boxed or crated as part of what I feel is an inhumane practice. So I try to avoid it and usually only have it once a week.

          From a dietary standpoint like everyone else said, cheese is a grey area on the Primal Menu. Grok didn't milk cows and he sure as shoot didn't turn nonexistent milk into cheese (He was probably too busy fighting off giant turtles with spears before they could fly and shoot missiles. [1] That said, many primals consume dairy for its calcium and because its sometimes hard to get enough daily protein without adding some solidified baby juice into the mix. In this sense, dairy consumption is more Atkinsy than Paleo.

          It should be noted that a not insignificant number of fat loss protocols include cottage cheese which has a satiating effect and is a long lasting protein which means it will be digesting and providing you with valuable nutrition for a very long time (i.e. cottage cheese "love you long time"-- Warning: SLYT semi-NSFW). A little bit of the cottage and a diet coke was what many a 80's fashion model survived on... sometimes for days at a time. The carbination in the single calorie soda caused the cottage to expand in the stomach thereby increasing the feeling of fullness with only a little bit of cheese and, by extention, calories. Also something to consider is that calcium increases the excretion of fat and increases testosterone. (h/t Martin Berkahn - Both links brought to you by the 'Calcium' section of the Leangains Supplement Guide)

          I also seem to remember reading about a distinction some primals make between soft and hard cheeses but can't remember why at the moment and can't be arsed to go hunting right now. Maybe someone else can chime in.

          [1] Lactose tolerance proliferated with the domestication of cows during the Neolithic rather than Paleolithic period.

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