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What natural predispositions made Primal feasable for you?

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  • What natural predispositions made Primal feasable for you?

    I won't lie. I'm having an easy time of losing weight and eating Primal. Some reasons that might be factors in this:

    I've always been physically antsy, so moving all day, sprinting and lifting is easy and fun for me.

    I don't believe in boredom. Too busy.

    I find flavors of food to be characteristics, not positive or negative. I find overcooked liver to be full of flavor and of good, firm texture. I love chewy meat like jerky.

    Eating raw greens comes just as easily. I smell it, put it into my mouth in whole form, move my jaws and push it down my throat. No problem. Ever. I actually want to slap people who talk about food having "Bad" versus "Good" flavor. It's just a flavor. Choose to enjoy it. It's not difficult to override your brain and rewire it like things. Just do it.

    I'm around 1/16 native american, which may play a role in how well I metabolize meat and fats. But I'm still white, so my skin takes up plenty of vitamin D when I go outside.

    Anybody think of a few Primal helping hands they were dealt at birth?
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    It might be a good plan to realise that your experience with flavour is highly unusual, and other people not sharing in that is probably not grounds for slappage.

    But in answer to your question (kind of) I'm the opposite. I love and hate a variety of flavours, I get bored easily, and haven't always been physically active, so I have to work at this a great deal. Perhaps that's better, in some ways.
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      I never really liked the taste of sugar. Younger, I'd ask my mom not to make cake for my birthdays because I didn't like it.

      I've got good instincts with food. I just smell stuff, add a bit of this and a bit of that, and it tastes better than the food most people I know make. I helped a great deal in seducing the wife hehe.

      I have an easy time blocking my emotions. It mostly sucks, because it's something I've got to work on every day and I needed a couple of meetings with a shrink to resolve it, but it also comes with a positive side: when I want to change a habit, I change it. I remember being 14 and deciding I would stop drinking sodas and exercise more. I did it right there. At that age, it always puzzled me why older people couldn't do that. A part of me still feels like that.

      I'm creative and think outside the box. I always was the guy with the crazy ideas amongst my friends, long before I heard about paleo. Now, when they hear I raise yellow mealworms or sleep on the floor, they just say ''hey, typical you''. My parents weren't that much surprised when I brought a girl home for the first time and said ''I've met her two months ago. By the way, we're getting married''.


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        Not quite food but helpful: my first cigarette (age 8, behind the bike shed at school) made me feel so ill I never tried another!
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          i like meat I'm a good and creative cook. I'm not a lazy person and I have pretty good self-control.
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            It helps that when I over-ate, I didn't crave things like potato chips, I often craved things like a burger.

            I love protein foods: steak, burgers, eggs

            I like a variety of veggies

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              I like real food, I like being omnivorous, I'm active, I'm intolerant to dairy, gluten, and peanuts.
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                I like most food, including pretty much all veggies. And I adore coconut. My whole diet could be made of coconut, and I'd be thrilled. I'm also allergic to corn, so I've never eaten any corn products.

                I also tend to be pretty adventurous with food, and I'm having fun cooking.


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                  I love meat more than I loved baked goods. Love fresh veggies and real food in general.

                  Never had a huge sweet tooth.

                  Have the ability to make extreme changes without tons of stress.

                  Love lifting weights. Like running but don't do it habitually because it wears out the body so fast and I didn't want to wreck my joints by age 40. Love being barefoot whenever possible.

                  Love to cook and make yogurts, cheeses, and nut butters at home.

                  Have a lot of energy and like to stay active.

                  Like holistic health. Like to know the science behind what is going on in my body.

                  Don't have a desperate need to conform. Don't think modernization is always a blessing (though it often is).


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                    I'm one stubborn sonofabitch. Not to mention that I have the advantage of severe wheat and gluten allergies and diabetes, which make me watch my blood sugar like a hawk and avoid anything that might make my arthritis, migraines, or IBS flare up (all allergy reactions to wheat and gluten). It's easier to do this when not doing it hurts.
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                      I never had a sugar/carb addiction. In fact I can't really understand the people who say they do. It just seems foreign to me.

                      I have never been an emotional binge eater or someone who eats when under stress. Also concepts I have trouble understanding.

                      I always was aware of health and healthy eating my whole life. Never into junk food or the SAD. Just some tofu stir fries with brown rice. (The Horror!)

                      I was always athletic growing up and was into body building in my 20s. So I'm not scared of weights and understand physiology. Being active is natural to me. Being inactive feels weird.

                      I'm a really good cook and can make just about anything taste good. I have even overcome liver-phobia.

                      I grew up with and have always eaten lots of salads and veggies so I know how to make and keep these interesting.

                      Like Griff said, I'm stubborn. If I set my mind to something, I'm not giving up.

                      I analyse a problem, do the research and work out the solution. I can filter through all the contradictory "expert" advice with good critical thinking.

                      Food and gaining/losing weight are not emotional issues to me. I got overweight due to an illness but now I'm doing what I need to to get back to normal. Almost there.

                      I'm also 1/16 Native American so the suntanning part is easy. Living in San Diego makes it even easier.


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                        Originally posted by Griff View Post
                        I'm one stubborn sonofabitch.
                        LOL! Same here.

                        Also, on the plus side for me:

                        I've always been hyper-active and have been eating this way all my life; lots of meat & vegetables, full fat everything and very little fruit - don't like much other than berries. Didn't like beans either, and hate, hate, HATE peanuts. I hate everything that's come close to a stinking peanut. I want to puke if I even smell peanuts.

                        Down side: Don't like eggs or coconut. Easily solved by getting my eggs via custard and refined coconut oil.

                        I feel for those who are having to re-program their entire WOE for this. All I had to do was cut the flour & sugar & voilá, I was Primal. Wish I'd known to ditch those years ago but while I never bought into to much CW, I did think grains were healthy until learning otherwise. Duh.


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                          Originally posted by Primal Fist View Post
                          It might be a good plan to realise that your experience with flavour is highly unusual, and other people not sharing in that is probably not grounds for slappage.
                          you're probably a "non-taster" knifegill. 10% of the population cannot taste certain bitter flavors. 80% are "tasters" who perceive the flavor but are not bothered by it. 10% are "super tasters" who find biter flavors intensely unpleasant. As a member of that last group, I find some flavors so intensely repulsive that I will become ill if I try to eat them. Just because it's not your experience doesn't make it invalid.


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                            Oh, I taste the bitter flavors! I seek them out now. I even eat maple leaves on occasion to keep my tongue on guard!
                            Crohn's, doing SCD


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                              I hate counting shit like carbs, calories etc. But I can very much be an all or nothing type guy. So primal fits very well. I don't count shit but I do block out all of certain types of food.