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Ketone poisoning?

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  • Ketone poisoning?

    I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on my problem.

    I've been eating VLC and yet I seem to have lots of energy, so I think I must be in ketosis. Plus my urine smells kind of organic in a way it doesn't usually.

    The problem is, I feel like I've had a whole bunch of espresso! My heart is racing, and I can't sleep! I kind of fall asleep in about 20 minutes, and then it feels like something happens and I'm wide awake. It's like my body doesn't want me to sleep. It feels kind of like a panic attack except I'm not worried about anything.

    How can I fix this? What's the better route: lots of exercise or more carbs? I think I might be losing some fat (finally!) so I don't mind being this way, except I don't like the racing heart or the sleeplessness ....

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    Try taking some magnesium citrate before bed.
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      I call it carb panic. I gradually get there and then I need a carb feeding to make it go away for a couple of weeks, just my experience.
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        Thanks for the advice, Belinda. I was taking my mag at bedtime, and then I started taking it in the morning. I'll go back to night-time.

        LC, that's a good name for it! I will try a carb refeed! Great big sweet potato slathered in butter! Do you do it just for one day?


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          Not to scare you, I don't think its related to Ketosis, but these can also be symptoms of Mania, a psychiatric disorder where a person is so energized (regardless of diet) that they don't seem to even be able to sleep, and snaps alertly awake shortly after dozing off, have more than the usual energy, never hungry and goes without eating, racing thoughts (your thought processes are accelerated) etc... I haven't heard of it being associated with low carb diets before so who knows whats really up here.

          If you are unable to sleep for as much as 2 days from this, consult a psychiatrist asap including making it an emergency call if it goes beyond 3-4 days, especially if you begin seeing symptoms of paranoia (i.e. things making you paranoid that never would have before, probably the only way to judge for yourself).


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            Taubes has a theory that people are thin because they get wired up and have to exercise to burn off the energy, not because they eat less or because of lucky genes. Sounds like you might be there.



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              Yes, and I stop in the early afternoon and have a low carb dinner so that I don't wake up carb hungry the next morning. I know some people just plan once a week, but it hasn't been exactly like that so I've just taken the need as it arrives.

              I would think (but I'm not making a scientific knowledge claim) that it could have to do with increasing corisol. It might just be a sign to eat more- I'm finding that I stop losing weight under about 1500 cal/day.
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                Wildwabbit, your post didn't scare me, it made me laugh! I can sleep, just not as deeply and uninterruptedly as I would like, and it's just been a noticeable problem for two days. I don't feel paranoid or manic, and I certainly have no problem eating. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

                After I posted this morning I did some vigorous vaccuuming, and that seemed to calm things down a bit. So maybe you're right, Gordo! : )

                LC, it sort of does feel like erratic cortisol. I think my adrenal glands are more active than they used to be; maybe they're going through a period of normalizing output and the VLC triggers them to produce too much? Thanks for the "stop in early afternoon," tip; alas, it is too late, and I will be hungry tomorrow. Oh, well.

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