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    I don't know if anyone is friends with the movie FRESH on their facebook, but thy posted this today:
    10 Foods That Drive Weight Gain and Loss Identified by Harvard - Daniel Fromson - Life - The Atlantic
    Sigh... blah, whatever.
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    Interesting - "One striking if somewhat predictable takeaway from the study is that focusing on overall dietary quality—such as eating less refined sugars and refined grains and more minimally processed foods—is probably more important to long-term health than monitoring total calorie or fat intake or other nutritional markers. As co-author Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, stated in a press release accompanying the announcement of the report, "The idea that there are no 'good' or 'bad' foods is a myth that needs to be debunked."

    Doesn't exactly surprise any of us, does it...
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      Studies like that are good when I agree with them and crap when I don't!

      But, overall, correlation studies are just that, correlations.

      Of course people who are still eating potato chips and drinking sugar sodas are going to end up as "gainers," and people who eat veggies and yogurt won't. Duh.

      You don't need n=120,000 to figure that out.


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        What bothers me is the part about unprocessed red meat as one of the weight gain factors.

        Unless I missed it they don't even explain why each of the foods do what they do.

        And I don't think anyone eating that sugar laden, fat free yogurt crap is going to lose more weight than someone eating good whole cuts of meat.
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          Originally posted by TomM1026 View Post
          Unless I missed it they don't even explain why each of the foods do what they do.
          it's a correlational study. they have no idea WHY these foods are more associated with weight loss or gain, just that people who lose weight are more likely to be downing yogurt than someone who eats potato chips.