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Dr Mark Hyman- Statins May Cause Diabetes

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  • Dr Mark Hyman- Statins May Cause Diabetes

    Who knew!?

    If all doctors followed the latest cholesterol treatment guidelines and all their patients took their prescribed statin medication, there would be 3.5 million more diabetics in America. But wait! There is another pill (or injection, actually) that has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes. And it's only about $50,000 per year per patient. Let's see: 3.5 million, times $50,000. What does that bring us to?


    We are stuck in an absurd cultural habit of thinking that medication will save us from lifestyle and social diseases....

    Mark Hyman, MD: Statins May Cause Diabetes, New Study Says

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    That's why I refuse to see a Doctor, these days. All they do is an endless Q&A; then ask you to go through further testing, then prescribe a pill, or two. I just look at my dad's med kit whenever I visit my folks. Got sleep apnea? Here's a pill.. Depressed? Here's a pill..I can go on, and on
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      My doctor tried to put me on statins. I asked him, "Why? My cholesterol is on the low side of normal." To which he replied, "But you have diabetes and high blood pressure, and high cholesterol usually goes with those. We don't want that to happen."

      It would be a proud primal moment to report that slit open his scrotum and shoved them up into his pelvic cavity, but unfortunately I sucked damage for two years before finally stopping the statins altogether - soon to be followed by my metformin and a host of other useless drugs.

      I mean honestly, a drug that reacts badly with grapefruit? What is the world coming to?


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        Originally posted by brahnamin View Post
        I mean honestly, a drug that reacts badly with grapefruit? What is the world coming to?
        I said WTF when i heard that too. seriously WTF?
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