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I'm in constant ketosis even eating a decent # of carbs

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  • I'm in constant ketosis even eating a decent # of carbs

    I had a bit of a bad day eating-wise yesterday and thought I'd check my ketostix this morning and was shocked to see them still dark pink.

    Yesterday I ate the following:
    Breakfast - 3 pieces bacon, 2 eggs, Greens+ powder in water, handful of raspberries
    Snack throughout day - orange, 1/4 cup nuts
    Lunch - 1 pork sausage, 1 chicken sausage, mixed greens w/ blue cheese dressing, 1/2 cup mixed fruit, Diet Coke (company BBQ - had to make do with what was available)
    Dinner - 1/2 plate ground turkey, 1/2 plate sauteed cabbage, 1 small avocado, handful of raspberries
    Dessert - 2/3 of a 88% dark chocolate bar + 1 tbsp almond butter (Yikes! a major binge)

    I did a 40 min light total body workout + 6 minutes of stationary bike sprints at lunch.

    So even after this day of easily 100+ carbs I have been consistently in some level of ketosis every time I've checked it over the past 2 weeks (I've only been eating primal (or close to primal) for about 3.5 weeks - so I'm not a long-time low-carber).

    On another note, I dropped about 6 pounds my first 1.5 weeks and then have completely stagnated since then, despite constantly being in ketosis and mixing in IF days 2-3 times a week. I'm just a little confused as to why I'm always in ketosis and not losing more fat (my waist is 40" at 6'1", so I've still got a lot to lose).

    Anybody help me understand what's going on?

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    So you've been eating primal for 3.5 weeks? Not even a month? Give it some time. Some people start dropping weight and continue to do so. Other people plateau for a month then are suddenly 15 pounds lighter.

    1. Ditch the scale, or at least stay off it for another month. Ignore the ketostix, as they aren't telling you anything you don't already know.
    2. Cut the fasting. Eating primally will do enough good for you at this point. Fasting is used to drop the last 10 pounds, not the first ten.
    3. Eat primal food when you are hungry. Stop when you are no longer hungry. Don't ever let yourself get full or stuffed.

    Remember, your body is probably still trying to heal itself at this point, and it may take a while. Relax, get some rest, and fuel your body properly. You'll get there. Not everyone gets brilliant results from Day 1.


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      The fasts are probably the reason you are in ketosis. Fasts drain your liver glycogen. But if you want to lose fat ketosis is good. Try removing most fruit (a few blueberries wont hurt) and all chocolate from your diet to lose more fat.
      Ye shall know them by their fruits.