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Wasabi Peas and Hummus

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  • Wasabi Peas and Hummus

    Hey Guys,
    I love wasabi peas and hummus and was wondering how these fall into the Primal Blueprint diet. I guess my hopes are similar to nuts and an unlimited snack per se
    Thanks so much!

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    They don't fall into the primal blueprint diet, as they are legumes. If you must eat them (and we all have things we're not willing to give up), be mindful of the fact that they're not primal at all.


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      Oh man really? They seem so organic and natural (at least the organic hummus does). Bummer, thanks so much for your response. I still need to get through the last quarter of the book.


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        There are definitely worse things you can eat (I would easily choose hummus with all natural ingredients with no scientific names over any primal food that was processed or contained additives). If you love them, eat them, just be mindful of how large a part of your diet they are


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          read the ingredients on those wasabi peas - they have soy, wheat & sugar, or at least the ones i had in the house did.


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            Enjoy them on occasion. Be mindful of the additives -- non-organic brands of these often contain nasty preservatives, artificial colors, and MSG. Even the "natural" brands will occasionally contain canola oil and soy-based ingredients.