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just need to verify the following veg are O.K

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  • just need to verify the following veg are O.K

    Right, I eat the following, are they O.K?

    sugar snap peas, baby corn, green beans, french beans mangetout? They may have different names in the U.S. But they dont actually have the bean or pea in them. to me they're just a shell so not legumes

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    Only thing I'd be weary of is, baby corn because corn is a grain.
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      Baby corn is technically a grain, so I would avoid it. Green beans, sugar snap peas are legumes, but are generally accepted too since as you said they are mostly shell. Not sure what french beans are.


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        Personally, I've never liked baby corn. The texture always bugged me.

        My general rule is, if you can eat it raw, it's food.


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          All ok except corn which is a grain.