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Is this carb flu?

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  • Is this carb flu?

    I'm on my third week with this diet. The first week I felt INCREDIBLE. I had so much energy, my moods stabilized, I had no cravings. This past week or so I have just crashed. I used to suffer from chronic fatigue but was able to eliminate most of my symptoms when I switched to a WAPF diet. Now it seems as though it has returned. I'm confused. I have no energy. I can't work out at all. I find myself having to take a nap everyday. My muscles feel so weak I have to make a conscious effort to do something as simple as open the car door. Is this normal and how long does it generally last?

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    Totally normal! As for the length, it varies from person to person, from a few days to a few weeks. Just stick it out and you'll be very happy that you did.


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      Dear Kimann,

      I had a similar experience at 4 weeks, muscle aches, really tired. Yours sound worse than mine.
      I started keeping track of the carbs i was eating and found it was under 20g per day. I added some sweet potatoes, more veggies, turnips, jicama or a handful a fruit everyday to get carbs up above 50 g and feel much better now than before PB.



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        If I do the really low carb thing (Atkins) I feel terrible and have no energy. I am sticking with 100 carbs max (mostly from fruit) per day. I have been working out and I feel great and I have already dropped a few pounds.
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          are you on any anti depressants? I was on zoloft a while back 25mg and i felt the same way. Got off the zoloft and its better.


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            No anti depressants. I'm glad to know this is normal. I've been trying to cut back on my fruit to one serving a day (I LOVE fruit) but maybe I should allow myself two?


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              This is definitely normal. And it was mentioned but you can either stay cold turkey and in a few days you should feel amazing, or you can add a little bit more carbohydrates like sweet potato or berries to get your energy up enough.
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