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construction work-better fuel-fat or carbs?

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  • construction work-better fuel-fat or carbs?

    im pretty sure fat would be more efficient but if im doing 8 hr shifts of construction work where im going to be pretty much lugging heavy things around sporadically and smashing the crap out of stuff the rest of the time would it be better if i added more carbs in or should a larger amount of fat be better?

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    I'm not sure if I have a definitive answer. Someone else on here might be more qualified to answer. I would say experiment. Try going for more fat for at least a couple weeks and see how you feel. The only potential problem is that if you aren't accustomed to eating no carbs you will probably have a dip in energy during the first week as your body adjusts to using fat as its primary fuel source.

    I haven't put my primal eating to the all day hardcore activity test but I imagine just based on my own energy levels, I would be fine.

    If after a couple of weeks you think you need to add in some carbs here and there, you'll probably be fine because your body will just go right for them as you work and won't store them.

    My friend bikes around all day at school and he feels really good about his rides if he has a quick carb right before hand. He also eats primally but this is what works for him. So experiment.
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      i think i would experiment with this to see which feels better. fat obviously has more energy per gram, and protein is going to cover what your body needs to fuel and refuel your muscles...but you might like the little boost you get from a sweet potato or something. try one source this week, the other the next week, and see how it goes.


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        hmm makes sense thanks!