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  • Bad food day!

    Yesterday was a BAD FOOD DAY! We went to visit a friends - a birthday, as well as Father's day. So - our friend had made a meal for her family. They are not well off and she had done a good meal by her lights. We had chicken in (commercial) mayonnaise with lime, vegetable quiche with (margarine) pastry, salads with (commercial) dressings, potato salad in the same mayonnaise, boiled potatoes in butter (hurray!) then a cheesecake on (commercial) biscuit base, and creme brulee with sugar topping. I ate it - it would be unkind not to - but I suffered from feeling very bloated a few hours later!

    It amazes me how just a small amount of gluten (well OK - not THAT small!) can have an effect after 2 years pretty much "clean". And this morning - 3 pounds weight increase!

    Would you have eaten it - or stuck to the salad and boiled potatoes?

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    Don't obsess with the food ... or you'll turn to a food lunatic. There are far more powerful factors concerning weight loss compared to occasional junk food meals.


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      We've seen so many of these threads. Have a look at them. Or are you just looking for affirmation of your choice?
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        I would have eaten it all hopefully without guilt and straight back to primal.


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          I would have eaten it and then fasted for 24 hours


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            I would have eaten it, enjoyed the time with friends and family, appreciated the effort that went into preparing the meal, and not felt at all bad or guilty.

            Then I would have resumed my regular eating habits once I got home.
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            Our bodies crave real food. We remain hungry as long as we refuse to eat real food, no matter how much junk we stuff into our stomachs. ~J. Stanton


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              Originally posted by Stevoreo View Post
              I would have eaten it and then fasted for 24 hours
              The damage control aspect is a good idea per se but it's an invitation to a disaster because it can unlock bulimia-like behaviours (like in "I want to eat that junk" => "I have to punish myself for eating it" =>"I must starve myself for a day or two" => rinse and repeat).


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                I had lasagne at in laws graduation party but I ate it anyway (one small piece) but managed to have salad as well.
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                  As far as eating at freinds goes, this sounds like a relatively WONDERFUL meal.

                  Mayonaise is basically fat. I'm not sure what the problem is there.

                  That said, the chicken dish should have been no problem.

                  You say that the salad had commercial dressingS, which would imply you had a choice, including none. And, many dressings have very little sugar.

                  You could have eaten around the pastry of the quiche and cheesecake.

                  I would have probably skipped the potatoe dishes. But a few spoonfuls wouldn't have hurt... especially since both would have been in wonderful fat.

                  Creme brulee... Yea... skip that.


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                    There's a lot you could eat there. Tell me what is wrong with "commercial" mayo...?
                    I would probably have stuck with the salad/potatoes, because chicken in mayonnaise just sounds revolting, but honestly it's not like you need to sample everything on the menu in order to be polite.