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Are carrots high in anti-nutrients?

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  • Are carrots high in anti-nutrients?

    Couldn't find any data and was wondering if any of you guys knew.

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    Not that I know of. They're tasty though. ^^

    As long as you're avoiding grains and legumes, and not going overboard on the nuts/seeds, you're probably A-OK as far as anti-nutrients go.
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      I don't think so. Just know that a lot of low carbers don't eat them because they are quite carby.


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        I can't help feel that too much worrying about anti nutrients will leave you feeling pretty hungry much of the time... From what I read, much of the plant world has so called anti nutrients as a defence. But as the majority of mammals eat leaves, veg, tubers, fruit etc solely or as a majority of their diet - I'm not going to worry overly. (And yes, I know some mammals have specially adapted stomachs, such as the ruminants - but I believe that is to facilitate digesting touch to manage cellulose etc?)


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          Originally posted by Sue View Post
          I don't think so. Just know that a lot of low carbers don't eat them because they are quite carby.
          I never understood this (same with white potatoes). Carrots contain 36kcal per 100g (less than 7g of carbs), so unless you're eating them by the pound, I don't see how they can have much effect one way or the other.

          Never heard of carrots containing anti-nutrients. I eat them because they're tasty and have a nice combination of vitamins and minerals. I usually eat mine raw or lightly steamed.
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            Norak, it's crazy I was one of those low carbers once upon time ago who would not eat carrots. I aimed for less than 20g carb and lower daily.
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              I think their funky place on the Glycemic Index is what made people shy away from them. Glycemic Load numbers place them a bit more accurately. I eat carrots all the time. Shaved on salad, roasted with a big side of Beast, diced in soups. I couldn't make a fair portion of some of my staple meals without them.

              Hrm - speaking of which, I have an all-day roast that needs to get in the oven . . .


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                This is actually part of one of my experiments and since I can eat 3-4lbs of carrots in a sitting I think I should have asked lol. Thanks for the info everyone.


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                  I know this is an older thread, but I have the same question. Also, I wanted to ask if original poster has continued eating that many carrots.

                  A few weeks ago I started a thread to ask if lbs of carrots per week is okay, and was told yes. I ate about 6 lbs in 16 days. I would eat 2/3 of a lb and still wish I could have more, because they tasted so good. Then carrots started tasting bad to me. They are organic carrots, steamed. They were not peeled.

                  I read that anti-nutrients can signal us to stop eating a food, like spinach which as oxalates. I wonder if that's what happened to me with carrots. Then I waited a week and tried again. Carrots still tasted bad. I waited another 10 days and tried again. At first the carrots tasted good. Not as good as they tasted originally, but fair. However, I had prepared about 1/2 lb of carrots and after I ate about half, one bite tasted bad. The bad taste is sort of soapy and bitter. I waited a few minutes and bit into my other remaining carrots to check them. One tasted a lot better than the others, but still only OK, not tasty.

                  Also before I was doing unpeeled steamed organic carrots, I used to eat 1-2 lbs of raw peeled organic carrots per week and never had this problem.

                  One other thing happened. I accidentally got smoke onto the carrots once, when my steamer ran out of water. I tried to eat them. They tasted bad. I wondered if that experience started this problem, because the next batch of carrots was the first that tasted bad to me.

                  Is there any way to make them taste good again? Does this indicate I have too much of some vitamin or mineral and not enough of some other? I tried 2 different brands of carrots.


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                    You're not supposed to eat one type of food. Your body signals you to eat something else with bad taste. Diversify.
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                      I've had that experience with foods too. I'll love something so much, like ginger for example. Then something happens and all of a sudden I can't stand the thought of ginger. Give it a while and you'll start liking them again. You'r body just probably needs a change. Also, have you tried eating a sweet potato? It's not exact, but it's somewhat similar to carrots in the type of nutrients it has, and if that tastes bad too you might just need a break from orange foods. Just a theory..