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Initially I saw amazing results...3 mos stalled wt loss. xfit?

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  • Initially I saw amazing results...3 mos stalled wt loss. xfit?


    I have been primal since September of last year and immediately had great success. I am 4'11" tall and started out at 156lbs 6months after my son was born and at my lowest was 124lbs. I am basically stuck at 126 now and have been vasilating between 124 and 128 for the last 3 months. I really don't believe this is where my body wants to be. I know that I could trim up a bit. I am still nursing so the hormonal piece definitely plays a role. I basically am asking for fresh eyes to see if there is something I am not seeing clearly and can improve.

    I do crossfit 3x a week-my affiliate always includes some form of sprint as a warmup, I hike at least once a week as I live in the Colorado Mtns. and bike, walk, squat when I pick things up--I really work it! When I was really losing weight I had been incorporating zumba (so fun) and yoga with some weight training (1x -2x a week).

    I practice IF at least once a week until 6:30 and sometimes add'l half days....

    I was steadily losing weight...until I started xfit and have seen some toning and definitely am building muscle mass and strength... which is wonderful! Just no weight loss. My measurements for a bridesmaid dress fitting decreased .5 inches in the waist and 1.5 in the bust/bootay since Feb.

    I recently started keeping track of my food intake again to get some perspective but am doing really well with it. (Dairy seems to be a weakness)

    SO... here is an additional piece. I have hashimoto's thyroiditis and it has not improved at all since going primal and in fact I have had to increase my synthroid (to my disgust) steadily. (Nursing piece still in play there as well). (As is the dairy...)

    I am a Certified Master Herbalist East/West and work with people all the time with their diet and nutrition moving towards or tweaking the already primal and do it with great success. It is far more difficult for me to be objective with myself at this point.

    Anyone have some insight/suggestions for me? I greatly appreciate any help I can get.

    Unga bunga,


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    I stalled too. I had been doing a lot of 16/8 IF'ing.

    I scrapped that, and started eating 3 meals a day, and my weight loss picked back up again.

    Unfortunately, I can't point you to a link, but I know Robb Wolf advocates switching back to a 3 meal a day deal if you've stalled. It may be something to look into.


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      You've put on muscle-weight from Cross-fit. You are losing body fat, based on your measurements!

      I would throw out your scale--it's not a very useful tracking device when you are changing your body composition and have relatively little fat to lose.

      Others will have to chime in on the Hashimotos--but I know that several folks on here on not fans of Synthroid--you can ask in a different thread, perhaps?

      I take my waist & hip measurements once a week for tracking purposes. More helpful.
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        I have actually tried ALL of the alternatives to synthroid including sheep thyroid and all herbs. I am seeing slight results for myself with a Yang tonic that I have been encapsulating but that's the mystery of a lifetime! Perhaps I will focus more on measurements; although my size changes were so drastic in the beginning that its quite lackluster at this point. ay dios mio.

        Unga Bunga