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    I'm a fairly thin girl, not underweight, and now that I want to cut out a majority of carbs, my husband has become worried about my health. He believes CW when it comes to bread, grain, whatever. He is convinced that we need carbs to survive. When I try to quote some of the stuff on here, like how we're actually meant to burn proteins/fats for fuel, he always has a retaliation (for the example's better for your body to burn carbs, if you burn proteins then you're hurting your body). I would tell him to read the site, but I know he wouldn't. Obviously I would like him to eat primal, but how can I at least convince him that I'm not starving myself. I'm also having a difficult time switching because he doesn't want to eat we still have bread around. That's another reason he doesn't like this lifestyle he absolutely LOVES bread. And pasta. He doesn't like the idea of giving something like that up. So what I am doing is cutting my carbs down to 200 for a while (I can't wait until more of the world is eating primal...I'm at my parent's right now and the food they are eating is driving me CRAZY! And I can't stick to primal.) then eventually to 150, and 100. I won't go below that because I do not need to lose weight.

    *sighs* Unfortunately he's in the military so I can't get him to cut down on his cardio...not that he would anyways. He has a lot of CW mindsets. I guess the main thing is that I have to be patient. At least I can get him to take herbs instead of going to the doctors for anitbiotics

    Long post, I'm sorry, I needed a little outlet because everyone around me has the CW mindset(I made the mistake of telling some people at school that I don't eat grains). How do I convince my husband that I'm not killing myself, and how can I get him to join eventually?

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    It's a tough row to hoe, so to speak. My partner is South Asian, so he was skeptical about me not eating rice anymore...but he did love to see meat appearing in my fridge, where before it was strictly "rabbit food" (his term). I still made him rice or Naan when he was over, but I had Cauliflower.

    When I started to show results, he noticed right away.

    Now he's a fan; although I'm pretty sure he eats CW when he's not with me. Not too long ago he even went to the store one morning while I was still sleeping, and cooked me BACON (which is even more awesome since he's Muslim).

    It just takes time....


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      You don't need to convince your husband. You are a grown woman. There are plenty people in the world who don't eat grains (celiacs can't eat many types of grains)and it is not doing them any harm. You are still eating carbohydrates in the form of fruit and vegies.

      If you are eating 200g of carbs you won't be in ketosis. Make sure that if you are going primal to eat up. Don't make the mistake of cutting out the grains and inadvertently going low calorie and start losing weight when you don't need to.

      Start eating primal and show your husband how it is agreeing with you. Great moods, improved immunity, clearer skin etc.

      But if he wants to continue eating grains its up to him as its up to you to stop eating them.

      Is your hubby overweight?


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        Well, you can tell him that carbs can come from many places, including veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds etc. That you can actually meet any carb 'requirements' (that he *thinks* you might have) using non-grain carbs.

        Also, MANY people have gluten sensitivities/intolerances, and often those folks can be underweight (partly b/c they are not able to absorb all the nutrients from the foods they are eating b/c of the inflammation of eating food they are sensitive to). I've talked w/ other folks who struggled w/ a lifetime of trying to keep weight on, who were finally able to gain/maintain a weight they felt was healthy for them after *dropping* gluten. So going grain free might also help you to KEEP weight on, if needed! Maybe mention that to your hubby to see if it helps at all?

        Good luck trying to work this out. It is tough enough to be in a CW spouting society, all the much harder when that continues at home! Hopefully if you have some positive results from going primal, your hubby will come around! (Mine has come around quite a bit, and although he is not grainfree/primal/paleo, he is finally letting go of the "eggs and steak will kill you" "whole grains are the most heart healthy food" mindset. It takes time, but I think they'll get there too, esp. w/ us as examples of how good one *can* feel eating the food we were biologically made to eat!

        ETA: And make sure you're getting lots of good, healthy fats, like butter or ghee (if you tolerate it) coconut oil, EVOO, etc. That will help curb the carb cravings--fat is very satiating and I think, avoiding it (by doing low fat anything) is really the number 1 reason folks have trouble sticking to low carb diets--when I am getting enough fat and keeping low carb, I am totally satisfied--w/out the fat, I get all sorts of cravings for carbs and feel much less healthy/good in general...

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          If you were suddenly diagnosed as diabetic the first thing you would be told to do is cut the carbs in your diet. So by his thinking, all proper eating diabetics are in the process of killing them selves?


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            Thanks for the input and support everyone.

            @ sue, my husband is far from overweight.

            @one_eye_mike my mom is borderline type 2 diabetic - they told her to go on a low fat low cholesterol diet, and I have heard that is what many doctors do.

            Luckily my husband is not of the mindset that fat is bad for you. He does think it's gross that I like licking up the leftover chicken grease. It's always been a guilty pleasure (but not so guilty anymore). I haven't been using canola oil for several years, I had heard before that Olive oil is better. I am not shy about eating fat. It is sooooooo tasty! And I love skin on chicken.

            I guess I'll just let him eat his bread and pasta until he comes around. If he can ever give those up.

            And I will have to mention those fruits to him. I think that he may have been referring specifically to grains, though.


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              Hang in there. That's the tough part about being primal. Most people are going to try to tell you there's something wrong with it because of all the CW drilled into their heads and even though they see good results on you will still question whether you'll have long term negative affects. I just try to ignore it because I know it works for me, I'm happy, and I'm healthy now. People just need to learn to be tolerant of each others choices and lifestyles, which in a marriage will be hard (I used to be married myself), but marriage is also about respecting each other and supporting each others' goals and needs.

              With that said, if I were in your shoes, I'd keep up with the primal lifestyle and not let the critical moments bother you, because you'll be able to prove you're right with the results. Let your husband eat his bread and pasta and do what he's doing and maybe he'll be convinced once he sees your success.