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  • Package-Free Grocery Shoppping

    I live in Austin and saw in the local paper we were getting a package free grocery store...seems interesting- you take your own containers and weigh them- seems like a great primal idea...local produce, meat, etc... but don't know if I see this working...

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    I know there are a lot of green people who will not buy anything in a package. They bring their own reusable produe bags and containers for bulk goods. It is a really good idea but probably hard to impliment, especially the first time someone gets sick from cross contamination from someone touhing a scoop or tongs to a not so sanitary container.
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      I believe there is a place in sweden and another in the UK that funciton this way.

      I *wish* it worked as well here. I would *love* for this to exist. I think a lot of other kiwis would too.

      but, I do ok.

      first, we tend to buy in bulk -- which means using paper bags which i can recycle/compost. so, spices, nuts, dried fruit, tea, etc are purchased this way. Then we put them in our containers when we get home. I would rather just bring the darn jars, but the bags are fine. they are made from recycled paper and get recycled by me.

      second, we are moving to a butcher so, again, we can get our stuff wrapped in paper, not in plastics. awesome. my DH's only concern is how to manage frozen meat, but i told him that -- wrapped in paper -- it's fine. We always eat it within the week -- often within days). This should take us down to one to two plastic-wrappers per week for our fish. sadly, they are not recyclable, though i know that they can be frozen in butcher paper too. I would just have to get it in butcher paper (perhaps find a fishmonger?).

      other than that, our condiments come in jars (mustard, mayon, and prepared horseradish). I can make my own mayo, but it's time consuming for the amount we use, managing freshness, etc etc etc. and, i reuse the mayo jars to hold all of our various dried goods and what not. and they make nice vases too!

      but, yeah, i would LOVE a store like this.


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        I love the idea. I consider the cross-contamination risk to be so small as to be negligible. If the store is set up properly, there should be no risk.

        I already get the "look" for not bagging most of my produce. When I have to bag it, I try to bring the used produce baggies from home. The reusable ones they sell are way too expensive for a mesh baggie.

        I make a lot of condiments, but there will always be stuff one has to buy that comes in a container. Coconut products, for one. Blueberries usually come in a plastic clamshell - I wish they were sold in the cardboard-like baskets that are compostable.

        I wish more stores would at least make a minor move towards less packaging. That would be a start.
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          I get "the look" for not bagging vegetables either. What's the big deal?? I'm going to wash it before I eat it...
          I really like the idea of container-free shopping. I imagine where there is most risk of cross-contamination (butchers) they would hand you the produce wrapped in paper anyway


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            Most food coops encourage this and some even have cleaning fluids in bulk.

            I can buy shampoo, skin lotion, soap, misc bulk foods (grains, nuts, candy), sweeteners, oils, nut butters, fruit & veggies, eggs, teas, herbs & spices, salad, cheese in bulk at our coop. All local frozen meat is wrapped in paper. I can even buy frozen shrimp in bulk!

            I get "the look" if I don't bring bags with me, haha!
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              I'm a big fan of no-packaging/minimal packaging. I bring mesh bags for produce because I know it's easier on the check-out people, and I use a mesh bag for nuts (don't need solid bags for things like rice and flour 'cause I don't eat 'em!), and I also bring bags to take everything out of the store too. I don't buy any premade food. My local store does an oil bottle 'trade' like you do for gas grills (I bring the empty olive oil bottle back, they take it, give me a new full one, and then clean/reuse the old one). I wish they did that for coconut oil....

              I've never gotten funny looks, but that's probably given where I shop. Not going into a super Walmart, so....dunno
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