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  • Free range eggs

    I recently purchased a box of biological free range eggs. For roughly half of them, when I break the shell to put into the frying pan, the yellow center breaks. Normally this is something that happens when the eggs are not fresh. These eggs though are supposed to be good until a couple of months from now.

    Is this normal of the free range eggs ?

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    I usually only have that problem when I hit them too hard ;>

    I buy pastured eggs and the biggest problem I have is that they shells are hard to crack.


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      The other eggs I normally buy, I usually get them in the pan without breaking the yellow about 98 to 99% of the time.


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        Nothing to do with free-range, specifically. But the diet of these chickens varies and some will have harder shells, etc.

        If you aren't happy, complain to the shop/farmer & see what they say.
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          I've had this probem too. I think it's just because the shells are so much harder to crack (which I guess is a good sign), but I HATE breaking a yolk when I'm making fried eggs. Maybe there is a way to more gently crack it.


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            Hmm, I haven't noticed that problem. I have the best pastured eggs imaginable - they're raised in a very loving fashion like pets by my in-laws. They have free-range over a massive garden (basically a hobby-farm) AND they get supplemental treats like cabbage, all compostable scraps, etc.

            I notice the yolks stand up higher, but I haven't really noticed an increase in yolk breakage (unless it's like the other posters mentioned, from having to smash those impossible to crack shells! My in-laws feed the shells back to the chickens which makes for really hard shells). They have more blood spots too, but they don't bother me in the least.

            I would say that most likely they aren't the freshest. Doesn't mean they're bad, but if you just bought them you should definitely mention that to the farmer.

            Try breaking them into a small bowl first and then sliding them into the pan, or make sure to set them into the pan very low - like having the shell practically touch the pan as you slide it in.

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