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First signs of male balding help!

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  • First signs of male balding help!

    I am starting to see the first signs of thinning and a bald spot on my husband. He's only 27, are there any vitamins or certain nutritional tips that would help slow this process? He has beautiful curly hair and I hate to see him lose it


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    Has he eliminated all processed food?
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      Do you know if any of his family members experienced baldness at an early age? Specifically his mother's father...?


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        Not yet, we have been slowly transitioning to primal but we are on the road most weekends and have slip ups.


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          I'm not sure about his mother's father, I never knew him, I do know his dad has had thin hair for a long time but he keeps it buzzed so it's not as noticable.


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            If there were a legitimate answer to this "problem" someone would have made billions off of it. Aside from stress or certain diseases and medical treatments it is perfectly natural and 27 is about the time it starts to be noticeable. My advice, cut it short.
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              Yeah if it's genetic, and most baldness is, then there's very little he can do, especially once the balding actually starts. My SO is 29 and his hair started thinning a couple of years ago, too. Protein and vitamin E helps prevent further hair loss but that bald spot isn't going to go away


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                As others have said, male pattern baldness is genetic. My hair started thinning when I was 20 and soon after than I began shaving my head. Luckily enough, I think I look better like this (and the ladies seem to agree). Do you think your hus could pull off the shaved head thing?
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                  oddly enough it is said too much Testosterone contributes to MPB
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                    Shave it! There is nothing more manly than a shaven head! Just look at the alternatives here, comb, spray on, can work but takes time and money would rather just shave the head, cutting the hair shorter as you get more will end up shaving it anyways

                    If he needs tips on shaving the head I can help, been doing it for 12 years now and it comes out perfect every time!


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                      I have male pattern baldness and I used to do Rogain. It did help. Then I decided wtf, I'm an old guy. Nothing wrong like looking like one.

                      Since adopting a Primal/Paleo lifestyle, including not shampooing every day, my hair has started coming back. At 68. At first, I thought it was wishful thinking but there is hair where there has not been any at all for ten years.

                      Shaving or buzzing is fine, but not if your wife loves to run her fingers through your beautiful curly hair. :-)
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                        I have mainly receding hairline, but not too bad yet. However, I also believe that not shampooing for the past year has helped it come back thicker and fuller than it was before. I suggest getting the diet right, and try not shampooing(only rinsing) the hair. However, as many have said, there is not a lot you can do about it naturally once it starts. Most guys I know that are worried about it use Rogaine or Propecia.


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                          EXACTLY Hedonist! I LOVE his hair and don't want him to shave it. It's BEAUTIFUL. But I guess I'm probably a little biased haha. What about Grizz's silica theory? Does anyone think that's worth a try?


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                            My hair is thinning. Had it shave down to a 3 buzz. You can see the patches of thin hair, but they aren't bald yet. I'm 25 and my father is bald. Mother side has their hair for a long time.
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                              Don't waste your money, trust me, if it is genetic it is just a matter of time.

                              Shaving is the best suggestion.